The Healing Powers of Sunlight

Amongst the things we can do to keep in a peak state of health, getting adequate amounts of Sun exposure daily is one of them. Despite the misconceptions we have about Sunlight in society, it is actually heavenly healing gift.

The Myths About Sunlight

For a long time there have been false claims made about the Sun. It’s time to set the record straight. If you didn’t already know the truth, No it DOESN’T cause cancer. People who get skin cancer are unhealthy. It’s that simple.

If cancer were the cause of skin cancer then everyone in Africa would get skin cancer but they don’t get skin cancer. It also has little to nothing to do with skin color. Dark skinned people in the United States have the highest rates of skin cancer. Hmm…what’s the difference then?

Could it be due to the fact that most American’s eat toxic fake food, bath in poisoned water, work creative-less jobs for capitalistic consumers, and despite what country slogan, that we are not free at all? I’d imagine it has much less to do with skin color and much more to do with our contaminated America lifestyle.

I know this sounds harsh, the sleepers won’t want to read this, that is for sure. And I’m not here to be a downer, the truth will set us free but at first it’s going to hurt like a bitch. Anyway, enough for my rant, my point is that if we want to be free we need to be able to look past all the BS we are sold on.

So first off, don’t believe anyone who tells you Sunshine causes Melanoma. That’s pure grade-A cat shit. In fact, just the opposite is true. We finally have documented research to prove it. Studies all over the world prove that as sun exposure increases, malignant skin cancer risk goes down.

Not to mention, in the sunniest parts of the world people have lower risks of skin cancer. In Australia, lifeguards have lower skin cancer rates than those who hold office jobs. That’s right. More sun, less cancer.

Then why is it a number of people get melanoma who go in the sun? Because they are TOXIC. They eat food that shouldn’t pass as food, smoke, drink, fill their bodies with chemical lotions, potions, along with their houses and to top it all off usually fill their minds and bodies with toxic emotions.

Their livers become clogged and stop working. Then their kidneys become so toxic that the blood has to push the toxins out through the skin – where it is baked by the sun into the skin cells, causing melanoma. The skin is the last line of defense in eliminating toxins. When the body becomes backed up else where (the colon, liver and kidneys) it’ll eventually have to make it’s way through the skin just for survival sake.

There are many third world cultures who live all day in the sun and they don’t use sun lotion. Again- no, it has nothing to do with skin color because the highest rate of skin cancer in the modern world is dark skinned people. It’s the MODERN diet and lifestyle that’s killing them. SUNSCREEN is one of the most toxic things you can put on your skin ! It causes more skin cancer than anything. Look at the label. You are literally basting and baking those chemicals into your skin cells ! Want cancer ? Slather that crap on.

Who ever said the Sun causes cancer is a fool. How is it that creation messed up? How did Mother Nature make that mistake? God doesn’t make mistakes. We are designed to be in the sun. We get cancer because we screw up and go against nature.

What Happens To People Who Avoid Sunlight

A sort of vicious cycle happens here, people hear the Sun is bad (but are misinformed that its sunscreen, chemicals, fast-food and drugs that are bad) then avoid it. So they end up sitting inside eating chips in a sunscreen bath, wearing layers of toxic clothes and then wonder why their brains stop working.

People that don’t get enough sunlight start having all kinds of physical, mental and emotional problems:

  • Bones go soft (a condition called rickets), depression sets in (the highest suicide rates are in places with the least sunlight).
  • Hormone levels plummet causing depression and chronic fatigue.
  • They age quickly.
  • The skin becomes weak.
  • They become infertile.
  • Their immunity plummets and they become sick.

The Sun is what powers this planet, if you cut yourself off from relations with the Sun you must have a death wish.

The Healing Powers of Sunlight

On the other hand, people who are do get enough Sun experience all types of amazing things:

  • They have more energy, feel better, and are happier.
  • They have stronger immune systems, and get sick less.
  • They have denser, stronger bones.
  • They have better eye-sight.
  • They have stronger muscles and age more slowly.
  • They have 
richer blood, which means healthier hair, skin and everything.
  • They have healthier nerves.
  • They look better – Sunlight increases the amount of iron in the blood (gives tanned look).
  • They heal faster – Sunlight brings more blood to the skin surface which helps heal cuts, bruises and rashes.
  • They are less likely to get cancer. USA cancer rates are highest in states with least sunshine. Additionally, sunshine may reduce breast cancer by up to 40% and ovarian cancer by 80%.
  • They are live longer. Direct exposure kills most forms of mold, fungus and yeast, all which are opportunistic organisms that decay the body behind every disease.
  • They have health hormone levels, which means they feel amazing, have better sex lives, age better and have strong fertility.

Tips For Sunbathing: Nature’s Sunscreens

Hopefully by now you’re ready for your Sunshine. Before you go out into the Sun for hours know that you still want to avoid burning. Yes, Sunlight is amazing for you; however, you can get too much of a good thing. If you bake your skin into a third degree burn that’s not going to be good for anyone.

However, that being said, when you think about the design of Nature it is simply amazing. Wild animals don’t need sunscreen, yet they don’t burn. Their secret? There isn’t one – they just live naturally, they eat the right foods, play outside and don’t get constipation from hoarding resentment for 15 years.

If you want to enjoy the Sun’s benefits to the fullest, know there isn’t a short cut to wellness. If you’re living a fake, processed lifestyle and try to hang in the elements, you’re going likely have a hard time compared to someone who is living an already wholesome and natural life.

To get you back on track with living how you were designed to live and to keep your skin from burning:

  • Don’t put anything on your skin you wouldn’t eat. It soaks right into your blood trans-dermally. Stay away from poisonous sunscreen.
  • Detoxify your body. If you’re toxic inside, your body will be less resilient to the sun putting you at risk. You need to get clean first! It’s the first step to returning back to a natural existence.
  • Use coconut oil or MSM cream or even olive oil.
  • Try jojoba oil.
  • Eat a lot of seaweed; they are rich in minerals and antioxidants that serve as internal sunblock. They also aid the body in detoxification. If you can’t stomach to eat it, at least take a quality seaweed extract or blend kelp powder into a smoothie.
  • Eat plenty of berries and dark colored vegetables. The antioxidant anthocyanin found in dark pigmented berries and veggies helps protect the sun from UV damage.
  • Take Krill Oil. It is rich in zeaxanthin, an antioxidant that serves as internal sunblock.
  • GREEN leafy stuff. It contains chlorophyll. Why do you think plants with their delicate leaves don’t fry and wither in the sun? Chlorophyll. That green magic stuff that protects plants is the same stuff that protects us once we consume it. Though nothing beats fresh, wild greens, again, at least take a powder. This is my personal favorite greens powder, it’s fermented and gut-healing.
  • Aloe Vera. This is edible sunscreen that protects you from the inside when you eat it. It grows in the desert for a reason. Eat it daily and apply to your skin daily for maximum benefits. If you can’t get it fresh or frozen then at least try the powdered stuff.

The Bottom Line

Without sunlight, we become sick, aged and unhappy.

Get at least 30 minutes of sunlight each day – preferably naked. There is no mistake in nature.