The Cellulite Eraser: Beauty Tonic Recipe

I just put out a post on healing cellulite that got a lot of traffic. In response, I thought it would be a good idea to write a recipe to follow suit. The postĀ was on the longer side so I left out the recipe.

If you haven’t already, reference the article for dietary and lifestyle tips on healing cellulite. If you’re just looking for a magic drink to heal a lifestyle problem, this isn’t going to do it — nor will any single recipe alone.

That being said; however, consuming something like this recipe on a regular basis is a huge step in the right direction! Remember, it’s about creating enough healthy habits that crowd out the unhealthy ones. It helps when they taste this good too šŸ˜‰

Essential Nutrition For Youthful Skin

Now in terms of the body, it’s impossible to target a specific area such as the skin, eyes, or teeth. The body is a wholistic machine, it’s all connected. What’s good for the eyes must be good for the liver, because it’s good for the whole. Just like a car, what’s good for the radiator is good for the gas milage because if the radiator goes, then the entire machine is concerned.

The same goes for your physiology, it’s a machine. That being said, there are of course specific nutrients that each organ or body part require to work efficiently. We obviously do not put gas into the windshield whipper fluid container. The individual comes before the whole, meaning, if each individual organ is functioning then the body as a whole will.

Therefore, we can do a great number of help for the whole of the body by feeding each organ and system the precise nutrition it needs to function optimally. The skin is greatly effected by our hormonal system, which is connected to the digestive system, which is connected to the liver. By giving some love to each of these systems you will see the most dramatic improvement on the skin.

For this recipe I used very specific ingredients that support the hormonal system, the digestive system and the skin itself. In a nut shell, the skin needs a few essential things to stay youthful and celluliteĀ free:

  • An overall clean body, one free of toxicity.
  • Balanced and healthy gut-flora
  • Bio-available protein (Amino Acids)
  • Minerals
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • Collagen
  • Silica
  • Vitamin C

Again, reference the last blog on cellulite to get a better idea of the topic if you still have questions. If you’re ready to start erasing that cellulite today then let’s make this tonic!

Do you bamboo?

Though I am a fanatic of whole real foods, the only reason I am advising these particular powders is because first of all, their quality and secondly their ingredients.

The WildForce products contain both the most bio-available source of silica and the most potent sources of vitamin C in the world. These are two nutrients that are incredibly lacking in the modern diet. Especially silica, which is found only in minimal foods; flax, okra, cucumber skin, and bamboo.

Bamboo is the highest source of bio-available silica. No other food has the quality of silica that bamboo does, but when is the last time you ate bamboo on the regular? Chances are is your diet is lacking this vital nutrient. It has so many functions and the primary function is to build elasticity in your skin. If you read the earlier post on cellulite then you know why this is so important.

The Vitality SuperGreens is also a gut-healing miracle, which make’s it a cellulite cure as well. Packed with probiotics, prebiotics, and a patented glutamine, this stuff works magic on healing your gut, detoxifying you and building beautiful skin. To keep this post as brief as possible, just check them out and learn more about the importance of these nutrients!

On to the recipe…

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s how you make it:

There’s not much to this smoothie but pouring some water, scooping some powders and blending — aside from dealing with the lemon and avocado but i’m sure you got that down!

If you’re not a smoothie maker then here’s a pro-tip. Always put your liquids in first and powders last. Otherwise, if you put the powder on the bottom then water you’ll end up with a nice clumpty dumpty powdered ball on the bottom. I ain’t playing.

Pour water, squeeze lemon, chop and add avo then blend. Add your powdered ingredients and stevia and give a quick mix and Viola! Your cellulite is on it’s way to melting away.

Remember, this isn’t a one time fix. Aim to get a smoothie like this in daily! These nutrients are essential, meaning they need to be consumed often because our bodies do not make them alone or deplete quickly — especially into later age. Add this recipe into your diet, which is hopefully composed of nothing but gorgeous REAL food and you’re well on your way.

Also, don’t be so caught up with cellulite, it’s just your body telling you you’re living wrong. You’re not your body anyways, so take it for the sign it is to start showing your body some good lovin. The honey baby succulent skin is just a result of incredible health.