The Beauty Benefits of Beet Kvass

If you didn’t already know, food has the ability to help us age with grace — in addition to maintaining a state of mental peace, food is perhaps the most anti-aging stuff around.

Before I even get into the specific benefits of this beauty food — if you haven’t’ already — go into your medicine cabinet and throw away any toxic chemical-commercial beauty products you have — we’re about to learn about a simple food that is far more effective than most anything you’ll find in the supplement isle!

I cannot express enough to you the absolute waste of money most supplements are, especially the chemically laden, toxic stuff. Not only are these products often highly ineffective, they often attribute to toxicity in the body; a leading root cause of skin troubles.

Kindly say good-bye; no need to remorse, thank them with love for serving their purpose and let us step into a new world of true beauty together.

Beets For Beauty

If you’ve yet to experience slicing into a fresh beet then I suggest you get on it ASAP. The Fall and Winter are good times to get aquatinted with the beauty of beets. They are a grounding root vegetable that help purify the body throughout the winter and also stimulate digestion!

While beauty runs deeper than skin; down to the health of our organs and core of our soul, there are particular foods that are renowned for their anti-aging properties. Beets are one of these foods. Not only are beets delicious capable of being prepared into warm, comforting soul-food, they also aid in beautifying our skin in these three ways:

  • Fight wrinkles and skin conditions naturally with folate!
  • Prevent age-related macular degeneration with vitamin A and carotenoids!
  • Preserve brain function with nitrates that improve blood flow

Beets, Digestive Health and Skin

I could fill a short book will the marvelous nutritional benefits of beets. They are overflowing with vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids, carotenoids and amino acids all which aid in cellular regeneration that attribute to a healthy, glowing body. However, all these wonderful compounds would be meaningless without a healthy digestive system to absorb them.

Perhaps the greatest quality to beets is that they aid digestion too! Beets cleanse the intestines, stimulate bile flow, which aids in fat digestion. They promote a healthy metabolism, stomach acid production and even strengthen peristalsis — the muscular contraction of the colon — for healthy elimination.

When these bad boys are cultured or fermented they become increasingly more potent for nourishing the digestive system, which in result, gives them a probiotic punch. If you don’t know, probiotics are super bacteria that are found are the scene of all unspeakably gorgeous skin! You can learn more about probiotics and skin health here.

Most skin issues are rooted in inflammatory problems. Acne for example, is just inflammation of the pore. Because our skin is so closely connective to the digestive system, being they both work as barrier systems for our body, when one suffers so does the other.

In simpler words, skin inflammation is likely akin to digestive or intestinal inflammation reflected outwardly. Beet juice is very anti-inflammatory for the intestines, and therefore treat inflammatory skin conditions as well.

Culturing Beets for probiotic benefits

The art of culturing or fermentation is one of pure alchemy. By leveraging the naturally occurring healthy bacteria of raw vegetables, we can increase the digestibility and bio-availability of our food ten-fold, while also improving our own gut bio-dome; the mother of our immune system.

Beet Kvass is a European staple that According to the amazing Sally Fallon who wrote my favorite nutrition book “Nourishing Traditions” Beet Kvass is one of the best digestive, blood, kidney and liver tonics there is. Given the nutrition components of beets it makes perfect sense that a cultured version of this food would  be classified so highly.

How to make Beet Kvass

You don’t need more than a daily 2 oz. shot of this potent probiotic elixir to see, feel and reap it’s rewards. You will be amazed at how simple and fast it is to make too! Try this seasonal recipe to keep a summer-like glow to your skin this fall:

  • Start with two medium, organic beets (ideally local or from a friends of your own garden!)
  • Clean and chop into quarters
  • Sterilize a large 32 oz. glass mason jar by boiling in hot water
  • Once cooled at the cleaned and quartered beets
  • Fill the jar with filtered or spring water
  • Add 1 tablespoon of Real Sea Salt, raw whey or juice from cultured vegetables
  • Add 1 packet of Veggie Starter Culture to ensure proliferation of immune boosting beneficial bacteria (sometimes with a wild ferment, molds and other immune suppressing yeast can grow, this is why I prefer using a starter)
  • Seal jar with lid and let stand at room temp for 3-7 days, “burping” the lid to release pressure once a day


  • Take a shot of this beauty tonic daily to purify your blood, giving your skin a lush, glow.
  • Use it in salad dressings.
  • Add to raw juices for a digestive, probiotic boost.
  • You can even add a small amount to clay masks to reduce dark patches, blemishes and add a radiant tone to your complexion.

For more digestive healing recipes like this and a step-by-step nutritional and holistic protocol to healing the digestive system, be sure to check out my Perfect Digestion Course.