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Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie

Apple pie is nice and all but I’d rather have chocolate any day. While taste preference is certainly a thing, just observing the differences in health benefits of your common apple to cacao I find good ole theobromine to take the cake.

Apples can be beneficial to ones health; containing pectin and fiber that cleanse the colon, liver and gallbladder. The downside though is that many apples are hybridized or cross-pollinated and about as “natural” to their original state as a Chihuahua is to a wild wolfe. That’s right, most modern fruit is in a highly man-altered state, resulting in a fruit that is 60 times sweeter and larger than it would be if it were grown wildly. This means potentially toxic levels of fructose (fruit sugar) and the greater likelihood of it being grown with pesticides.

All that being said,  if you do love an apple every now and then the maximum fructose intake recommended would be about 1 apple per day (ideally a granny smith or wildly picked!)

On the other hand, we have raw cacao and while not all cacao is grown equally, it is certainly non-GMO and of it’s original species, either Forastero, Criollo, or Trinitario. Then of course we have the long list of medicinal benefits that cacao provides:

  • Over 300 potent antioxidant qualties
  • Protein, calcium, carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, magnesium, sulfur, flavonoids, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids
  • Lowers LDL cholesterol
  • Improves heart function
  • Reduces risk of cancer
  • Rich in phenethylamine (PEA), which is a natural pain and stress relieving chemicals that stimulates the secretion of endorphins to help us stay alert and focused
  • Rich in anandamide, which produces uniquely euphoric feelings of relaxation and contentment.

With all the reasons to consume cacao and among the many ways to consume cacao, chocolate pie is easy, fun and uniquely delicious. But don’t believe me, try it for your self!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s how you make it:

  1. First make your crust – in a food processor, grind soaked and dried almonds with 2 tbsp. of coconut oil and 1/2 tbsp. vanillamax
  2. Press your crust into a pie dish and refrigerate.
  3. Now for your filling – remove the meat from two young thai coconuts and scrap away and skin.
  4. In a high-speed blender, blend your coconut meat with the 1 cup cacao powder, 4 tbsp. coconut oil, 2 tbsp. brain octane, and the rest of the vanillamax until smooth.
  5. Remove pie crust and with a rubber spatula spread your filling into the crust.
  6. Refrigerate overnight and enjoy the next day!


Bulletproof Pumpkin Ginger Spice Cookies

I know cookies aren’t the most creative thing I could come up with as far as recipes go. However, I can’t be making all of these delicious and health-promoting treats with a few classics.

In actuality, I can’t even take credit for this creation as my business parter came up with the idea. I’m glad he did because they turned out wonderful. Cookies are so simple to make and even simple to make healthfully.

With just a few simple tweaks, a couple add-ins and you’ll have yourself a Bulletproof cookie that promotes a healthy metabolism and optimal digestive function.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1/2 cup of organic pumpkin puree (fresh is best)
  • 4-6 tbsp. sweet rice flour (This is the most Bulletproof of flours, many flours are acidic and difficult to digest — sweet rice flour is a ‘safe starch’ and is perfectly fine for health people. If you are not in the best health it’s best to avoid starches for the time; regardless, this particular flour is particularly lowest in toxins. Learn more about safe starches here.)
  • 4 tbsp. powdered birch xylitol (or raw honey/maple syrup)
  • 2 tbsp. sprouted raw almond butter
  • 2 pasture-raised eggs
  • 2 tbsp. grass-fed ghee
  • 2 tbsp. BrainOctane
  • 2 tsp. organic pumpkin pie spice
  • 1 tsp. Vanillamax
  • A pinch of sea salt

Here’s how you make them:

  1. Preheat oven to 350 F.
  2. In a glass bowl, combine all wet ingredients with an electric mixer or blender on low.
  3. Add your dry ingredients and mix until a semi-thick batter forms.
  4. Grease baking pan, using a spoon form batter into cookies. This recipe will make 1 dozen medium-sized cookies
  5. Bake for 15-20 minutes, checking to see that the tops have firmed and achieved a slight golden color.
  6. Remove from oven and let cool, use a spatula to remove from pan and enjoy!



5 Ambrosial Bulletproof Ice Cream Recipes

It’s summer time and that means one thing, ice cream time.

When I gave up sugar some 5 years ago I just assumed that mean’t for the rest of my life I would only be consuming a simple diet of vegetables and healthy proteins and fats. I didn’t really think ice cream would be a possibility.

That was until my short time at Erewhon where I learned about super food ice cream and met Crosby Tailor, who introduced me to the Bulletproof Diet long before it was known.

Fast forward, I am whipping up Bulletproof Ice Creams that everyone should know about. You see, if you didn’t already know sugar is pure poison. It’s actually quite the injustice to me that it is so difficult for someone to treat themselves to a pleasurable eating experience these days without being poisoned.

Thankfully, Dave Asprey came around and brought ‘Get Some’ Ice Cream to the world. An ice cream using traditional ice cream ingredients from whole, nourishing foods with a few swaps. The first thing is that there is no sugar, instead birch xylitol — a plant derived sweetener that tastes like sugar without the disastrous side-effects.

There is also no pasteurized cream and milk involved. Instead, raw grass-fed butter. Throw in a few upgraded ingredients like fresh ground vanilla bean, BrainOctane oil and coconut oil and you have yourself the best ice you’ll ever have!

Once I made my first batch I had 100’s of recipe ideas and ways I could tweak the recipe. Though there is truly no limit to the creations you could come up with using this base recipe, I wanted to show you a few of the Bulletproof friendly ones I made!

Here are some of the most delicious ways to make Bulletproof ‘Get Some’ Ice cream.

(you’ll want to watch the video and learn how to make the base for each recipe)

  1. White Chocolate Chunk: For the white chocolate recipe all you need to do is cut the butter and coconut oil amount in half (instead of 7 tbsp. use 3 1/5) then replace with the Bulletproof Cacao Butter. Once the batch is about half way frozen, chop up some chunks of cacao butter and mix into the base. You could also melt down the cacao butter and sweeten with stevia if you wanted. However, the ice cream is sweet enough for me.
  2. Mint Chip: Following the original recipe all you will want to do for this one is again, once the ice cream has cooled a bit (if you’re freezing, think 2 hours, if you’re using an ice cream maker, then 15 minutes) you want to add in 2-4 drops of mint essential oil (make sure it’s ingestible like YoungLiving) and 4 tablespoons of raw organic cacao nibs.
  3. Strawberry Shortcake: This is my favorite of all of them because it reminds me of the ice cream I would get from the ice cream truck. Little did I know he was selling me crack bars. For a healthier version, what you’ll need addition is about 1/2 cup coconut flakes, 1/4 cup of macadamia nuts and 1 cup of organic freeze-dried strawberries. Add about 1/2 cup of freeze-dried strawberries to the original recipe, blend and freeze. Once finished, top with a mixture of shredded dried coconut, mac nuts and crushed freeze-dried strawberries.
  4. Mocha Caramel: This one is amazing for a breakfast. What you’ll want to do is make a cold-brewed shot of Bulletproof coffee. To do this, take 2 tbsp of ground Bulletproof coffee and place in a mason jar of 1/2 cup water, seal then let sit for 12 hours at room temp. This takes time so I just do it overnight so it’s ready in the a.m. Trust me, it’s worth it. You could technically use regular brew but wait for the coffee to cool down then add the coffee to the ice cream mixture while blending. Freeze and when done you are going to top it with the caramel, which is made from mesquite powder. You make this by blending 1/4 cup of soaked cashews, 1/4 cup macadamia nuts, 1/2 tsp vanillamax, 2 tbsp mesquite, 2 tbsp of xylitol, a pinch of real sea salt and a small amount of water.
  5. Cashew Cookie: Make the original vanilla recipe then when half way frozen add in 2 crumbled vanilla collagen bars and 1/4 cup of soaked and dried cashews. Super simple and amazing!


White Chocolate Strawberry Truffles

The other day I got inspired to play with a few new flavors. I wanted to originally make a Rose Butter Truffle using fresh rose pedals and powder. I couldn’t find all the ingredients I needed so what did I do? I created something out of what I could find!

Never be afraid to use what you have!

Personally, I have found growing up with modest means that when people have less, they are more creative. This isn’t so say we can’t have nice things, but honestly, how much does one really need when they have creative abilities? I’ve found that there is no such thing as lack to the creative mind. This recipe is the proof!

Not only did this recipe turn out to be delicious to the ridiculous, it inspired me to make my next hit recipe. I think it’ll be a hit at least 😉 Stay tuned later in the week for that one…

Until then, butter balls anyone?

White Chocolate Strawberry Truffles

The ingredients here are of course quality as always. However, it might seem strange to you that essentially, you’re eating a strawberry dusted butter ball. It’s okay, my friend was just as shocked.

As I rolled out the truffle filling he expressed his deepest concerns to me, “Yo dude, If you would have tried to tell the young 15 year old Kurtis that i’d be eating butter balls, I’d been fighting”.

Now, no one is quite sure what the hell that even means. But no one ever really knows what Kurt is saying, at the same time, we know exactly what he’s saying. Ya feel?

So if you too are concerned to eat a butter ball, have no fears, once you take one bite you’ll understand that you’re truly safe. Not to mention, the choice of ingredients are to benefit.

We have cultured grass-fed organic butter, which despite all the non-sense is a health food. I’ll spare some words and direct you here, to learn about the health benefits of real butter. Additionally, I load these babies up with Bulletproof ingredients that are particularly crafted to be free of any toxins and nutritionally dense.

I know you want them, so let’s get rolling my good people.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s how you make it:

  1. Make the outer coating by crushing your freeze-dried strawberries into a dust or small pieces. The smaller the pieces the easier it will be to apply.
  2. Melt your butters over a double boiler until they are soft.
  3. Using a whisk or electric mixer, combine the egg yolk, xylitol, brain octane and vanilla. Mix together.
  4. Pour into glass dish and refrigerate or freeze until solid again.
  5. Using an ice cream scoop or spoon, spoon out small 1×1 inch sized balls (you don’t want them too big as they are rich!).
  6. The truffle butter will melt again quickly so run your hands under cold water or hold in the freezer so while rolling them into balls you don’t melt them too much.
  7. Once you have your balls formed, you will want to roll them in the strawberry and coconut coating.
  8. Place back in fridge to firm back up then eat when ever you desire!

Bulletproof Golden Milk

I’ll cut to the chase, this recipe just has to be tasted rather than talked about. The ingredients not only make it one of the most anti-oxidant rich drinks you could drink but also one of the tastiest. Just try it and see for yourself 😉

If you’re familiar with Golden Milk then this recipe won’t come as much of a surprise to you. However, I’ve given it even more of a nutritional boost by upgrading the traditional ingredients.

You’ll also notice I don’t use coconut milk like most recipes call for. Though I love coconut milk, I find it difficult to find quality sources of it that do not contain a gum of some sort. Because I am all about optimality I just make my own by blending a tea base with coconut butter or even better, cacao butter!

I also add in a bit of Bulletproof raw cacao powder and mesquite to make it that much tastier. Not to mention, raw cacao serves as a great delivery mechanism for all the healthy constituents you’re about to indulge in.

For 28 ways turmeric benefits your beauty, check out this blog post here.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s how you make it:

  1. Bring 1 1/2 cup of spring water to a boil
  2. Steep cut licorice root in the hot water for about 5 minutes.
  3. Pour finished tea into Blendtec
  4. Add your fats
  5. Add your powders then blend
  6. Garnish with additional cinnamon just to make it look beautiful

Find more delicious, sugar-free and beautifying recipes like this one be sure to check out my new online course Rediscover Your Skin!

Good For You Marshmallows!

When’s the last time you had a marshmallow?

My guess, if I were to guess, which I am pretty good at guessing so here I go…

My guess is that it has been way too damn long. But I totally understand why, you grow up learning that marshmallows are a treat and only to be eaten on occasion.

Mostly because they were loaded with sugar and chemicals that parents knew shouldn’t be eaten even on occasion. But, there were no other options, what’s a mom to do?

While I am not suggesting that you replace a balanced diet of fresh veggies and hearty and nutrient-dense sources of fat and protein with marshmallows, I am suggesting that you replace your diet with marshmallows and join me for a mallow fast.

You in?

Just kidding, sort of…

Marshmallows ARE Good For You

Okay, enough jokes.

Here’s the truth, marshmallows, when made with real food ingredients are incredibly good for you! There is not one ingredient in here that could not be tolerated by a healthy human.

Not only that, the ingredients all have medicinal and healing qualities — as all real, whole foods would. The ingredient list is gorgeously appetizing and curing:

Anti-inflammatory, soothing marshmallow root, grass-fed collagen and gelatin from healthy and happy cows, organic and local, immune-boosting raw honey, and aromatic, amative fresh ground vanilla bean. 

All of these ingredients together form a delectable, childhood treat that medicinal works to heal the gut, boost the immune system, repair and rejuvenate skin, joint and muscle tissues, balance blood-sugar, nourish the thyroid and adrenals, and even work as an amazing sleep tonic!

A beauty supplement, health tonic and snack all in one? It sounds too good to be true, but it’s really not. We’re not dealing with chemical kiddy gummy vitamin’s here, These are fresh, real foods from nature with all the intentions of nourishing your body.

Making “Upgraded” Marshmallows

I cannot take full credit for this recipe as both Dave Asprey from the Bulletproof Diet and my amazingly inspiring friends at Three Lily Farm are the ones who inspired me. I can take credit for producing an amazing final product though!

I also like to think I prepared each ingredient with so much love that I can offer you a few new ideas to take with you. Such as letting your self enjoy foods you love! One thing I have been loving doing over the past year is recreating childhood foods and transforming junk-food into health-food.

If you’re up to the miracle, then let me show you how I made mine!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A electric mixer (doing this by hand won’t work, unless you’re reading to whip for an hour and are down with possible tendentious)
  • A 9×12 in. glass pyrex baking dish
  • Parchment paper
  • 3 cups of water
  • 2 cups of raw honey or maple syrup.
  • 2 tablespoons organic marshmallow root
  • 6 tablespoons grass-fed gelatin
  • 1 tsp of fresh, ground Vanillamax
  • *Side note- you can add just about anything to these. I made a Bulletproof Coffee flavored batch by swapping the marshmallow tea for fresh brewed Bulletproof Coffee. You could add almond extract, cacao, peppermint, cinnamon or essentially anything you want for a fancy and inventive marshmallow. For now, let’s get you rolling with the traditional!

Here’s how you make them:

  1. First things first, take your 3 cups of water and make a tea with the marshmallow root. Simply, bring the water to a boil, add in the marshmallow root then steep on a low simmer for 20 minutes to make a decoction.
  2. Next, in a large glass mixing bowl (get a big one because the mixture will grow 3 times it’s size) add 1 cup of the tea mixture to 6 tablespoons of gelatin and your vanilla and mix slowly. Do this until it’s thickened up a bit into a gel.
  3. Now with what is left of the tea (should have reduced down to about 1 cup) pour in your sweetener and mix together. If using raw honey, leave it in the mixture just long enough to mix the tea with the honey. If using maple syrup, you will want to reduce it down some. So you will leave it in a bit longer until it’s a thicker consistency. Be sure to stir slowly and continuously through this process.
  4. Once the sweetener and tea mixture is ready, while mixing the gelatin and tea, slowly pour the sweetener in.
  5. From this point, you will just be mixing for about 5-10 minutes looking to achieve a fluff — what would resemble a sort of marshmallow jet-puff whip.
  6. When your mixture is light and fluffy you’re good to go!
  7. Finally, line your baking dish with parchment paper, using a rubber spatula, pour the fluff into your glass dish. Store it in the fridge for about 3 hours and boom! Fluffy bunnies.
  8. I’ll add one last step, get some roasting sticks, a bon fire and roast those puppies over some acoustic sing a longs! If you’re confused as what to get your father for fathers day, I say make him the friends/fam a big ole batch of these and if you don’t have a fire pit, get one! The best kind’s of gifts are always experiences, the best kind of experiences are usually ones you can eat too 😉

Coming to you tomorrow, homemade BodyEcology style graham crackers! That’s right folks, s’mores! All you’ll need is these marshmallows, some of your finest raw chocolate and the grahams I’ll be whipping up today and posting tomorrow!

Enjoy and stay tuned!

Creamy Chamomile Latté

I’ve been sort of fasting lately but not this is no ordinary fast. I suppose you could just call it a liquid diet. I am consuming not just warm lemon water, I am whipping up buttery tonics left and right.

Why am I doing this? Well, fasting is incredible healing and has the ability to completely reset and regenerate the body. However, it being summer time, I am eager to be outdoors and moving around.

Because I want to stay active — what would probably be too active for regular fasting — I want to get in some incredibly easy-to-digest nutrition. Because I am going to be moving about and active my body is going to need protein and inflammatory fats to aid recovery.

This inspired the thought of what an athletes fast would look like, then I created this! Thought it seems my diet couldn’t be any more dialed in, the one thing I haven’t done in a while is an extended fast or detoxification. I haven’t felt compelled too, which is likely do to my already clean diet.

Anyway, this post is more about this recipe I just created! I’ll spare you some of the details so I can talk to you more about the benefits of fasting, how to know if you should do one and why I’m drinking not eating solid food and nothing but water and buttery lattés all day,

The Miracle of Fasting

Fasting is one of the most ancient forms of healing. It’s practiced all around the world and even in nature. When an animal gets sick it simply finds a quite dark place to just be; no food, no exercise, no work, just pure relaxation.

Some say that fasting can cure anything. Even science can attest to the miracle of fasting. When fasting, the body goes into homeostasis or self-repair. The body releases incredible amounts of HGH and self-healing enzymes. In simple terms, fasting gets us out of the way of ourselves.

It is more often than not, that our illnesses come from our own bad habits. When we the time to fast, one of the most beneficial aspects of it, is that we finally stop doing what’s making us unwell. Which is usually, overworking, overeating, eating the wrong things, thinking too much and not just being present enough.

This is the idea of detoxification. Though the body already does an incredible job of detoxifying, our bad habits tend to give us more than it can handle. When we fast the body finally gets a chance to catch up. All those toxins from poor food choices, negative thinking and other forms of stress finally have the opportunity to leave the body.

Without fasting in some form, the body doesn’t get a chance to deep cleanse. In this modern world of excess and the “more is better” mentality, it could not be needed more.

During a fast, disease, tumors, cancers, parasites, and all that nasty stuff is competing for nutrition with our organs and the body makes sure the organs win. Though it is always trying to do this, we often vote in favor of disease with our harmful choices.

Fasting is one of the only proven methods for reversing the aging process. Above all else, it is proper calorie restriction that preserves the body. That’s because the body is a manifestation of energy. Because we are always expending energy (often more than we have) we need to be careful as to how we choose to use our finite energy.

Health is a balance of making the most optimal choice of bringing in energy without expending too much. This is the balance of life; making a choice that is more helpful than harmful.

Here’s the challenge, every single choice in life has a harmful or negative aspect. Even when we eat, we kill. That’s because we are all dying. Some try to stay ignorant to this truth, but death cannot be escaped.

When we eat, digestion is using incredible amounts of our energy. At the same time, we need calories and nutrition for energy and nutrition. Therefore, the long term goal is to making choices nutritionally that give us more true energy than it takes away. Food should energize you authentically and lift your spirits. You should never feel tired after eating.

During a fast, you step into this realization. You start to notice how much lighter you are. In the first 24 hours of fasting, there is no loss of protein or muscle. However, there comes a point where you start to feel natural hunger (not appetite). Then when you eat again, your new found heightened sense tell you what clearly gives you energy and at what point you hit diminishing returns.

Overall, fasting improves the mind/body connection to make long term beenfical choices. In the short term, fasting can:

  • Cleanse fat deposits around the organs and glands, where toxins are stored.
  • Aid the body in ridding toxins and the production of new clean cells.
  • Resets the hormonal system.
  • Improve mental clarity.
  • Balance the body.

Essentially, fasting is great for just about anything.

Who shouldn’t fast?

For the most part, fasting is going to be healing for anyone. However, that being said, individuals with adrenal fatigue, server disease or hormonal imbalances may feel incredibly worse when fasting.

This is because their body isn’t functioning well on it’s own and is greatly dependant on the energy from outside sources. The body is too deplleted of it’s own energy to survive off of it.

These individuals would want to first build up energy before fasting. Once the adrenals and thyroid are functioning well, the person would feel much more stable when experimenting with fasting and actually be able to reap the many benefits of a fast.

How to fast?

Fasting is about as simple as it gets, just stop eating and drinking — aside from pure, living water. Depending on how toxic you are, your experience may be different.

Try it for at least one day, where you drink nothing but water or green vegetable juices, herbal teas or homemade broths. Water fasting is going to be the most intense form of cleansing and should be done only by people who know what they are doing.

Depending on your condition you could try these various forms of fasting:

  • Intermittent fasting. slowly test the waters of fasting by spacing out your last meal of the day and your first meal of the next day. An example would be to stop eating at 6 pm, then do not eat again until around noon-2pm the next day. During that period only drink liquid (no protein in the liquid). Ideally, you would drink only water. You could do warm lemon water, herbal teas or if you need something more substantial try this Chamomile latté at the bottom of the post.
  • Bulletproof fasting. This is were you would fast on a liquid with more nutrition than plain water, yet is still giving the digestive system a break. Instead of meals, have a fat-added tonic/tea. This could again, be a bulletproof coffee (though for the benefits of a fast I would do decaf or an herbal substitute like this one.) Adding nutrient-dense fats to your liquids will help your hormonal system reset while giving the digestive system a break. Also, it is said that it takes 10 lbs. of healthy fat to regenerate a new liver in two months. This would be a great idea for anyone who doesn’t feel energetically up to a water fast and looking to regenerate or simply experience the lightness associated with fasting. This is what I do most of the time, I start my morning with my adrenal tonic, then a Bulletproof coffee or Tea Latté then have my first and only solid meal around 3-4. Then end the day with only water or tea. My energy is ridiculous.
  • Broth fasts. These are great for anyone with Candida or other expansive imbalances like bacterial imbalances or viral infections. Also, anyone with love adrenal or thyroid. Green juice can be way too cooling for the body and further exaggerate Candida or adrenal/thyroid imbalances. Broths on the other hand made from grass-fed bones, organic vegetables and seaweed will provide the body with tons of essential minerals for the body to heal. They are also more warming and balancing for anyone who is overly expansive.
  • Juice fast. If you want to juice fast only do it for 3 days max. Othrwise, you will imbalance the body. Also, only use green juice as root vegetales and fruit in juices are way too sweet to keep the body in balance. Better than juice fasting alone would be to have one or two green juices then add a green smoothie. In general, smoothies are superior to juices anyway. Here’s a blog post I wrote on the difference between juicing and blending. PErsonally, I would recommend sticking to having a juice for breakfast to get the benefits.
  • Water fasting. Not for the faint at heart, water fasting is intense and one ironically has to be in good shape to handle this. In general, build up energy as much as you can first before trying this. And make sure you are able to spend most of your time totally resting. A good way to water fast would be to do it once a week on a day when you have no obligations whatsoever. Be well rested and slept as well. Spend the day lounging, taking baths, out in the sun napping or in a sauna. Though water fasting can be incredibly healing and perhaps the most healing, it should be done with enthusiasm.

As a general rule of thumb to fasting, do not fast unless you are completely comfortable with the idea. Listen to your intuition.

So, this recipe…

I designed this and a few others out of the curiosity to fast but without losing too much size. The idea that was born was to spend a good two weeks only doing liquid. Instead of just water alone, I wanted to add the medicinal benefits of tea, healthy fats and easy to digest protein — all in liquid form.

This I created a sort of Bulletproof fast. This chamomile latté came to me in the evening when I was hungry but did not want anything stimulating, but rather relaxing. So I thought, chamomile!

Why Chamomile?

  • Relieves allergies, as much as any antihistamine.
  • Aids in digestion, especially when taken as a tea after meals.
  • Speeds healing of skin ulcers, wounds, or burns.
  • Treats gastritis and ulcerative colitis.
  • Reduces inflammation and facilitate bowel movement naturally. Non-laxative.
  • Treats skin issues, including inflammations of mucous tissue.
  • Promotes relaxation and relieves stress.
  • Heals insomnia. Chamomile’s mildly sedating and muscle-relaxing effects may help those who suffer from insomnia to fall asleep more easily.
  • Treats diverticular disease, irritable bowel problems and various gastrointestinal complaints. Chamomile is known as an anti-inflammatory and it’s antispasmodic properties relax the muscles lining the stomach and intestine. Therefore, it may be able to help to relieve stress-related digestive issues.
  • Soothes skin rashes (including eczema), minor burns and sunburn. It may also speed healing and prevent bacterial infection.
  • Treats eye inflammation and infection.
  • Heal mouth sores and prevent gum disease. A chamomile mouthwash may help soothe mouth inflammations and keep gums healthy.
  • Reduces menstrual cramping. Chamomile’s ability to relax the muscles can also relax the muscles of the uterus to ease cramping.

To say the least, this flower is rather powerful as a food and medicine. Not to mention it has a naturally sweet taste. If anything, I thought it would make a delicious tonic. If even just one of these bullet’s were completely true that would just be icing on the cake!

When your fasting, the most difficult aspect is to be without the pleasuring experience that eating can offer. So often we eat out of boredom and it’s because food can be a very pleasant and healing experience.

Though for me, the point of fasting was not only to get clearer physically, but to direct that new energy toward other areas of life; music, writing, relationships and my overall creative endeavors.

So far it’s been working great! Ever since I first started to really simplify my diet years ago, I have had much more creative power. It even reflects in my recipes! When I do eat, I create food with just as much creativity as I would anything else. This for me, is a good sign that the energy I have cultivated with a liquid diet is used wisely in every area of my life!

Anyway, I am ranting a bit on this blog. Let’s just get to the recipe!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s how you make it:

  1. Bring water to a boil
  2. Add flowers to a steeping device then place in water. I use one of these sweet things!
  3. Let steep for about 10 minutes. Floral teas usually take a bit longer to steep I’ve noticed.
  4. Remove tea from water, then strain again through nylon strainer (Chamomile can leave behind little tiny flower pieces if no run through a fine strainer).
  5. Add tea to Blendtec with the rest of the ingredients then blend at warped speed until frothy and smooth.

What you’ll have is a creamy, frothy vanilla latté like none other. The ingredients will promote relaxation, stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system, a sense of calm and best of all it’s so delicious!

Raw Sprouted Vanilla Pumpkin Chai-Chia Cookies

Man doesn’t live by Bread alone, and while this is true these cookies would have you feeling otherwise.

I’ve been working on a collection of sugar-free treats for quite some time now and let me tell you, it’s been wonderful. I have created many Godly foods that would impress Dionysus himself. Last night I really outdid myself…

Vanilla Pumpkin Chai-Chia Cookies


I made a cookie to such perfection — with ingredients of pure genius — that I just had to share them with you. The combination of tastes, the esquist delicacy in which they where prepared, and the quality have me wondering if I made truly the healthiest cookie in the world that actually tastes great?

The Benefits:

  • Healthier hair- Pumpkin seeds are the perfect food for beautiful hair. Ditch the hair, skin and nail supplements. They are hard to digest and rarely absorb. Instead, reach for some sprouted pumpkin seeds. They are loaded with zinc, magnesium, b Vitamins and omega fatty acids, all which feed the hair at the root. Pumpkin seeds contain high levels of phytosterols, including beta-sitosterol. Beta-sitosterol has been shown to block the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone by inhibiting the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. This can have many positive effects, one being limits DHT in the body — the main cause of hereditary hair loss in both men and woman. Be sure to sprout your pumpkin seeds as this makes them easier to digest and removes nasty anti nutrients.
  • Hormonal health- Aside from all the healthy hormone building fats in these cookies, I add in a gelatinized maca powder. This ancient Peruvian root is known for being a power adaptogen. Maca has been used as a way to increase fertility because of its beneficial effects on sex hormones. It is naturally high in minerals calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc, sterols, up to 20 essential fatty acids, lipids, fiber, carbohydrates, protein, and amino acids. All which are building blocks for hormones. Healthy hormones means youthful vigor, strong sex drive, passion, focus and overall energy. Not to mention these cookies are sugar-free, which keeps from spiked blood sugar levels — stopping you from feeling/acting like a moody-ass sugar crack fein. All good things my friends, all good things.
  • Anti-Inflammatory- Chronic inflammation can cause some pretty serious disease and pain in the body. In today’s modern world it’s all to easy to “go hard or go home“. I’d rather go home and eat these cookies. Not to mention, most of us end up going way too hard, then going home and crying like whinny bitches in secret anyway. Let’s get honest, this whole “no pain, no gain” motto is pure grade bull-shit. Time to show our bodies some major love, chill and enjoy our lives or suffer from inflamed, sickly bodies — I choose the former. If you’re with me then these cookies are your new best friends. The absence of pro-flammatory sugars and chemicals makes these treats a win already. Add in flax, chia and coconut oil and you have yourself a medicinal anti-inflammatory food that soothes the body at the core. The Aztecs used chia seed medicinally to relieve joint pain and sore skin. Coconut oil is anti fungal and anti bacterial — elevating one of the root causes of inflammation, bacterial and fungal overgrowths.

I am confident these ingredients and the way in which they are prepared amount to perfection; however, as far as taste goes, I will let you be the judge.

Here’s what you’ll need:

To make:

  1. If solid, melt your coconut oil by adding to a glass dish and putting in warm oven for a few minutes.
  2. While that melts, mix all dry ingredients into a bowl.
  3. Next, take out coconut oil and add the remaining wet ingredients (pumpkin seed butter, vanilla and liquid stevia).
  4. Pour wet ingredients into dry then mix with a fork until it forms a sticky (but not too sticky) cookie dough batter.
  5. Form into desired shape and place in a glass baking dish then place into freezer for 10 minutes.

Once the coconut oil solidifies you can pop them off the baking dish and enjoy with a warm cup of herbal tea or some Bullet Proof coffee!


CranRaspberry Kombucha-Sorbet

Getting sweet treats without the sugar isn’t always an easy task. It takes knowing the delicate sweetness of nature’s foods and preparing them with an alchemists touch. It’s true that a healthy diet does not have to be one of restriction. There are plenty of sweet tastes in natural foods — cranberries are one of those foods.

These sweet and sour fruits are fantastic for many reasons and I definitely recommend loading up on them when you can, heres why:

  • Brain Function- Cranberries are rich in a flavonoid known as Anthocyanin. These compounds are known to be associated with many health benefits, brain function being one of them. Elizabeth Devore, ScD, an associate epidemiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and a professor at Harvard Medical School in Boston states, “These compounds, found almost exclusively in berries, are known to cross the blood-brain barrier and locate in learning and memory centers in the brain.
  • Ideal Body Composition- Low in sugar, rich in fiber and phytonutrients, berries of all types are true superfoods. The ratio of nutritional content to calories is far greater than most food. Berries are one of the very special foods that pack so much nutritional punch for such little “”. Though initially they might not fill you up in the same way as fat will; over time, the nutritional density will improve your metabolic function by filling nutritional gaps.
  • Urinary Tract Health- Cranberries have been totted as “the worlds healthiest food” many times over and for good reason. They are rich in anti-cancerous compounds and proanthocyanidins, which are known to prevent urinary tract infections. The constituents in cranberries act as a barrier to bacteria that might otherwise latch on to the urinary tract lining. Though not many people think twice about the luxury of a good, healthy pee (until they’re pissing fire that is) keeping these less admirable parts of the body in top shape is a smart move. Berries and cranberries especially will do just that.
  • Anti-Inflammatory- Cranberries contain phytonutrients that show to lower the risk of chronic and unwanted inflammation. Cranberries reduce the excessive levels of inlammation around gums and teeth by eliminating the overproduction of cytokines. A moleucule and pro-inflammatory that tells our cells to mount to an inflammatory response. The phytonutrients in cranberries reduce this inflammatory response by inhibiting the activity the enzymes that produce cytokines. Dietary consumption of cranberry has also been shown to reduce the risk of chronic, unwanted inflammation in the stomach, large intestine and cardiovascular system.

Though cranberries are technically out of season right now, they are a refreshing and hydrating food great for the spring and summer time. Best of all, you don’t technically need fresh cranberries for this recipe, you can use the cranberry infused kombucha.

CranRaspberry Kombucha Sorbet


Other than being loaded with anti-aging, beautifying and healthy berries, this sorbet has a base of a bubbly fermented kombucha. I am a big advocate of fermented foods as they are some of the most medicinal foods in existence. Here’s a few short benefits of kombucha:

Enough talk, here’s what you’ll need for this creamy, sweet and healthy sorbet:

  • 1 bottle GT’s Cranberry Kombucha (Or 16 oz. of your own homemade kombucha)
  • 1 cup of frozen, organic raspberries or mixed berries
  • 1 avocado
  • 1/4 leaf of fresh aloe (inner filet)
  • Stevia (to taste)

To make:

Filleting the aloe leaf will be the only tricky part to this recipe. It’s’ no more complicated than chopping off a good hunk of fresh aloe, slicing it in half then scooping the gooey meat out with a spoon. If you need to, search for a video on YouTube. From there, pour in your kombucha slowly into a Blendtec or high-speed blender. Add the rest of the ingredients, blend until smooth and boom! A sugar-free, detoxifying, gut healing, anti-aging super sorbet that tastes like pure goodness.