Raw Chocolate Key Lime Pie

With the release of my new cookbook; The Gourmet Foodie, I haven’t been very active on my blog. After finally getting some extra time to come up with new recipes, I created something fantastic via request. I love getting request for recipes because otherwise I can easily run into a plateau. Getting recipe request always sparks some creativity and I usually always find a way to make almost any recipe into something nutritionally optimal.

That was certainly the case with this raw chocolate key lime pie. Traditionally one thinks key lime pie and sugary dessert comes into mind. You don’t have to worry about that here. This dessert comes with benefits. It happens to be balanced nutritionally, containing a healthy amount of plant-based proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
No matter your dietary preference, this dessert can find it’s way into your diet without worry. Every ingredient is designed to digest with ease and as always, I use optimal sweeteners that do not cause blood sugar imbalances, cravings or digestive problems.

This recipe features a couple true super-foods, including;

  • Grass-fed collagen. This nutrient is essential to the entire body, it is most noticeably beneficial to the skin, ligaments and connective tissues. This is because these parts of the body seem to naturally deteriorate over time and with age. However, we do have a great deal of control in terms to how quickly this happens. We do not have to be subject to weak joints, wrinkles or pain. The good news is these things are totally preventable and reversible! In fact, there are studies that prove regular consumption collagen peptides reduce wrinkles by 20% in 8 weeks! (1)
  • Avocado. Ah, the young avocado. Everyone is loving this food today and for many reasons. Our modern society has been high off of sugar the past 50 years, the results have been diabetes, chronic fatigue and obesity – it’s time we get back to our natural fuel source, fat. And I find no better fuel source than the raw fats that come in avocado. Fat is a more ideal fuel source, it’s slower burning, leading to more stable blood sugar – think of a huge log blazing throughout the day verses the flash of energy experienced we get from sugar, which is more like throwing paper onto the fire of our metabolism. Avocados also contain B vitamins, biotin and master antioxidant glutathione.
  • MCT oil. Also known as Medium Chain Triglycerides, this healthy oil is actually just fractioned coconut oil. It’s not just a healthy source of fat, it has been proven to boost metabolism, have anti-viral properties and potentially fight against herpes and HIV! (2)

The Recipe

So you see, there’s no room for guilt at the dessert table when you’re using real foods. You’re probably wondering how to make this delicious baby by now, so I won’t hold out any longer.

Here’s what you’ll need:

for the crust

for the filling

Here’s how you make it:

  1. First, soak your cashews for 2-4 hours.
  2. Powder all your xylitol in a coffee grinder.
  3. Strain cashews, rinse then add into food process with the rest of the crust ingredients.
  4. Pulse until a crumbly dough is formed.
  5. Grease a glass pie dish with Brain Octane or use a springform cake pan for easier removing and cutting.
  6. Press your crust mixture into the bottom of the dish or pan – place into freezer.
  7. Next, peel your avocados and all all your ingredients for the filling into a clean food processor and blend until super creamy. Add juice from entire lime and zest from about half of the lime – saving some for garnish.
  8. Remove pan from freezer and spoon the filling out using a rubber spatula and scoop on top of the crust and working from the center, flatten out the filling in a circular motion until it is level.
  9. Grate lime zest over time and place into the fridge for 2-4 hours until your filling has solidified some what.
  10. If using a pie dish, use a knife to cut and a pie server to remove pieces in uniform.

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