Wild Mountain Reishi

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4 oz. True Wild Reishi, harvested from the Appalachian Mountains – made by hand and love.

Dual Extracted for maximum nutrient and therapeutic density.

Ingredients: Wild Reishi, Organic Vodka, Wild Spring Water

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An rare offering only to the noblest of foragers, true wild Reishi was historically only available to the elite and Tao Herbalist who spent hours foraging the wild in search of this prized wild mushroom.

Consider a “shen” tonic in Traditional Chinese Medicine, wild Reishi is considered to possess the enlightened wisdom of Mother Earth. The word shen translates to spirit, and is one of the Three Treasures in Chinese Medicine that make up each individual. Shen is the spiritual essence, which features the qualities of an enlightened individual – otherwise considered qualities of an immortal being, such as pure awareness, forgiveness, a high level of acceptance and universal understanding.

Because of these spiritual qualities it possessed, it was highly sought after by Taoist, Buddhist and even the Elite, in hopes that by regularly consuming it, they could live in a state of serenity and pure awareness.

Wild Reishi is predominantly a Shen tonic, were it reaches the heart (the seat of shen) and clears it of heat, resulting in a state of clear or as the Taoist called it “mushin”. In addition to its Shen qualities, wild Reishi is considered a Three Treasure Tonic, possessing Jing, Chi and Shen. It is therefore a popular herb amongst those seeking longevity and optimal health.

While wild relish is primarily a tonic to the heart; it also reaches the liver, where it clears away emotional toxins and trauma. Pharmacologically, it helps the liver produce SOD (superoxide dismutase), protecting the body from free radicals, while promoting cellular detoxification.

Additionally, wild reishi tonifies the kidney Jing, improving the hair, fertility health, increasing willpower, and strengthening one’s resilience to stress.

It is said that wild Reishi possesses pure qi from the Heavens and is transferred upon consumption, where it tonifies the lung meridian, which is the primary Qi generating organ.

Wild Reishi vs. Cultivated

Of the many types of reishi on the market, the rarest of all is true, wild reishi foraged by herbalist, Taoist and people like us! Not only is wild reishi the most nutrient-dense and the purest; it also possesses the strongest shen qualities, improving all areas of the psyche and spiritual well-being.


Despite common routes to enlightenment, the consumption of wild reishi, and the act of foraging it, was not to escape the physical domain into a spiritual one. Quite the contrary, the consumption and act of foraging wild reishi was intended to extrovert a being into the physical world, enriching the human experience.

So, if you wish to deepen and endow your human experience; as a spiritual being, then I highly recommend this sacred mushroom.

Why Dual-Extracted

Like most other medicinal mushrooms, reishi contains both water-soluble constituents and alcohol-soluble constituents. To reap the most medicinal benefits from the resin, and absorb all the powerful triterpenes, beta glucans, polysaccharides, sterols, alkaloids and ganoderic acids, then you want to use a dual-extraction like this.

Fun Fact: The wild reishi used to make these tinctures were gifted to me as an omen from Mother Earth through the Spirit of Play. One morning, far into the mountains in search for my future homestead, I stumbled upon these magic mushrooms. Considering it an omen (on top of many other perfectly aligned synchronicities), I moved in shortly after, just in time for the first batch of extracts to be shared with all of you!

Traditional Functions: Tonifies Jing, Qi and Shen.

Who can use it? Enjoyed by all.

Concentration: 2:1 Dual-Extract

Specifications: 2 Fl. Oz

Ingredients: Wild Mountain Red Reishi fruiting body.

Other Ingredients: Water and alcohol

Usage: 3-12 droppers per day