Hold The Coffee, Coffee Ice Cream

When I first tried Get Some Ice Cream I couldn’t believe my mouth. Everything in my body wanted to tell me that what I was tasting would surely send me on a one way flight to a diabetic comma. It was so rich, so creamy, so sweet, but…no sugar? No hydrogenated fats/oils? No gums and fillers?

Growing up in the trap,  a young thug only knew of ice cream as a tub of creamy crack cream, which only came once a year when my Mom made good tips or my Dad decided that food was more important than beer. Either way, while the surprise factor remained the same, what I’m not used to is ice cream made from real food.

Me: “Eggs, butter, coconut oil, vanilla, Mom what are those?”
Mom: “That’s real food Nicholas, they grow in the rare soils of a faraway land outside of the trailer park.”

Okay, so I’m exaggerating but the truth is, I didn’t grow up eating much real food at all. I literally thought processed food was food. I had no idea that “bad foods” like ice cream could be made with real ingredients. I just liked to stick to my primary food groups back then; purple, blue, cereal and free lunch.

Then Bulletproof Ice Cream came into my life. Still, after some 15 years after my research of healthy eating and I am a bit shocked that Ice Cream can be a health food.

Why Ice Cream Can Be Good For You

Little did I know prior to the age of 10 was that nutritionally dead and fluorescent food was not really food but that it was a major determining factor in my genetics expression.

Our genes are generally in one of two phases: growth mode and defense mode. In growth mode, we are thriving and denying genetic predisposition. However, in defense mode, the body is living out any genetic flaws in the forms of aging, disease and general genetic weakness.

What determines what mode our genes are in? A lot. This includes but is not limited to; our spirits, thoughts, emotions and lifestyle factors including sleep, relationships, communication abilities, movement, environment and of course, food.

Essentially, anything which puts unnatural amounts of stress on the body will cause the body to go into defense, survival mode. A diet that is low fat and low and calories is one way to put the body in survival mode. While, intermittent fasting and intentional fasting can be healing on the short term, over time, the body becomes starved.

This is why it’s very important to understand your unique body before trying something like fasting. In fact, in order to properly reap the anti-aging and healing benefits of fasting, one has to be in already pretty good shape. You can’t effectively fast with nutritional deficiencies and adrenal fatigue.

Likewise, growing up with a diet that contained little to zero nutrition, the body starts to pay less attention to nonessential functions like sex, bliss and beauty. These are all a bit higher up on the dynamic scale of life.

The individual survival is the first part of life, without you, the rest doesn’t exist (at least in your world). If you’re unhealthy you cannot expect to have the drive to procreate. And thus moving upward in the game of life, if you wish to experience all the real beauty and bliss that life is, we need to have all the essentials taken care of, like the basic proper functioning of the body.

How does this all relate to ice cream? Well, ice cream made from real, wholesome ingredients contains good amounts of healthy fat. Fat is one of the most satisfying foods on the planet. Unfortunately, most ice cream is less like ice cream and more like the crack cream I grew up eating. It’s basically sugar, fluoride water, and cancer blended up and frozen for those of you who didn’t grow up in the trap.

Trap cream ice cream puts the body way out of balance, it causes cravings, emotional and mental imbalances, bacterial/yeast infections and makes your brain function equivalent to the thinking capabilities of the ice cream tub itself.

REAL ice cream on the other hand, made with whole food ingredients nourishes the body. With one simple swap — replacing the white sugar with a more friendly substitute like xylitol — and you have an ice cream that is hormone boosting, muscle building, fat melting, and brain fueling. If you haven’t tried this Get Some Ice Cream concoction yet, now is your chance.

I originally started off with a plain vanilla then proceeded to experiment with a few different healthy toppings. Now, I am whipping up all sorts of delicious and health supporting varieties.

Hold The Coffee, Coffee Ice Cream

If you are familiar with Bulletproof than you know that they are a nutritional company with their main product being coffee. I might go to Bulletproof jail for this one but this Get Some Ice Cream recipe doesn’t actually contain coffee.

Now, you can surely make a version of this recipe with actual coffee. However, I decided to use Dandy Blend, an herbal coffee substitute for a few reasons:

  1. I cycle on and off my Bulletproof coffee. This not only gives my adrenals a break (though I notice BP not to really negatively affect my HPA) but it’s still a nice break regardless to just totally chill. I also like to cycle because things increase in value with scarcity. Yes, I could drink this stuff daily and probably never get tired of it’s delicious aroma; however, by going on-off of it, every time I go back, it’s like the first time. I decided to make the ice cream while on an off cycle so this is why I used Dandy Blend.
  2. I just love Dandy Blend. The stuff is so delicious and though it tastes just like coffee, it has different experience. I like that I can drink it past noon and in the evening so a more soothing and calming drink. It seems to be adaptogenic for me where if I need it to pick me up, it will but it also activates my parasympathetic nervous system at night, helping me wind down.

Okay, so enough of me ranting along, this is too much talking for a recipe post. I am just really excited about this ice cream! Finally, you can enjoy the great tastes of coffee and decadent experience of ice cream without any guilt.

This recipe is not only free of toxicity and health demoting properties it’s going to add a glow to your skin, vigor and strength and a satisfaction without feeling like a crack addict on a sugar high.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s how you make it:

  1. I have a video coming soon where I will be showing you how to make a variety of this ice cream. Until then, you have two options; ice cream maker or freezer. Personally, I just freeze it. It takes much longer but the consistency is still amazing.
  2. The first thing you’re going to want to do is melt down all of your oils/fats in a double boiler. Try to do this slowly and not heat up the butter/oil too much, we want it just soft enough to blend consistently.
  3. Once your butter and coconut oil have liquified, add in your xylitol and whisk it until it begins to dissolve a bit. It doesn’t need to be fully dissolved as the Blender will do most of the work.
  4. Pour this mixture into your Blendtec or high-speed blender, crack your eggs into the blender. Remember, you want 8 yolks but only 4 of them containing the white. The protein in the egg white adds to the consistency.
  5. Now add the rest of your ingredients and then blend it on the lowest setting, gradually increasing the speed to high.
  6. Once it’s blended together, let it sit for a second for it to settle out any air bubbles. Then pour into your ice cream maker or into a glass container (or you can pour into paper containers, I honestly will take a soup carry out from Whole Foods sometimes, it’s what they store their in-house gelato in.)
  7. If using an ice cream maker, just follow the directions that came with it. If you’re freezing it, I find that it takes about 8 hours to freeze perfectly. I like making this at night so it’s reading in the am the next day.
  8. That’s all! You can enjoy it as is or top with cacao nibs, sprouted nuts, hemp seeds, bee pollen and more.