Forever Beautiful Hair: Plus Recipe

Everyone wants a quick fix. But i’ll be honest, there is no such thing as a quick fix. Even those drugs only mask a symptom, the real dis-ease is still present. The only thing the drug does is numb you from noticing. It essential makes things worse by breaking your mind body connection.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re fighting a serious disease, wrinkles or hair loss the truth remains, you’ll have to do more than simply take a pill. You can’t get stop something like hair loss by simply eating broccoli or taking a magic herb. Something like hair loss is just a symptom or condition, which is likely the result of choices you have made that led up to it.

Blamming conditions on genetics is a cop out too. Epigenetics has proved you can alter genetic predisposition with the way you think, feel and live. For lasting changes, it is necessary to understand what caused the condition in the first place. Otherwise, it’s liable you’ll recreate the condition again — and you’ll end up dependant on some pill or doctor that will get you no where.

I say this often, the solution to health isn’t about adding something to what you are currently doing. It is indefinitely more importantly what you take away; stress, fear, negativity and their crutches — sugar, alcohol, drugs, junk-food, addictions, and co-dependancy.

Health is holistic. It is body, mind and spirit. If you’re experiencing hair loss or any other vain issue; you’re likely disturped. That’s becuase somewhere deep in you, you know it’s not natural. Aging is very unnatural in the way it happens in the modern world. It’s much more natural we maintain vigor, energy, and beauty throughout a life time. Then like animals in the wild, we die just as beautiful as the day we were born, perhpa just a little matured is all.

So, if you are reading this in hopes to regrow hair, keep your hair or improve the overall quality of it, the message is the same; years of intense stress turned into a physical condition is going to take more than drinking this smoothie one time.

I put this disclaimer in all I write because without addressing the major stres and dissolve it, you will not get very far.

That being said, healthy hair for a life time is possible. Not only that, it’s your birth right. However, you’re going to have to be willing to chill the hell out, enjoy life and live right! Can you handle not stressing anymore? Are you prepared to be happy, joyful and to eat food that nourishes your body?

If so, then join me. I still write recipes and reccommend the power of foods because they have a place. Clear body, clear mind. If you can get the body in shape, you’re live will be easier. Healthy people don’t stress, they aren’t fearful and they are filled with energy.

Recipes are also a very nice means to the end. They’re a wonderful call-to-action if you will. It’s important to understand the whole picture, as important as it is to some how take all that information and turn it into knowledge. That’s what the recipes are for! By learning to cook and prepare nourishing meals you can create a system where you are actually walking the talk!

What Your Hair’s Telling You About You Health

Remember, the quality of your hair is saying numbers about your overall health:

  • Hair loss (front of head)- Weak kidneys, bladder and reproductive system.
  • Hair loss (sides of head)- Weak colon and lungs.
  • Hair loss (back of head)- Congested liver, gallbladder, pancreas and spleen. If you’re losing hair here, this could be a sign of serious disease — pathogens, virus, parasites or even yeast/fungal infection. Could also mean diabetes.
  • Hair loss (top of head)- Heart problems, which is due to digestive issues.
  • Hair loss (al over)- If you’re losing hair everywhere, that simply means you’re overing doing it on all ends of the spectrum. The major cause of hair loss is from hormonal issues. When we are overly stressed (physically, nutritionally, emotionally, spiritually, etc.) the hormonal system goes out of whack and every organ/system is effected. If this is the case, take a hint from the body, it’s time to majorly relax, care for yourself and show your body some love and appreciation. Life is not so serious, chill out.

Hair loss isn’t the only condition of an imbalanced body, the condition of the hair you hair also says numbers:

  • Grey hair- Weak kidneys, overly stressed. Ever notice that it’s the CEO’s and stressed out business people that seem to go bald and grey sooner than anyone else? Hmm…Good news is, if you haven’t waited too long you can turn grey hair back to it’s natural color. For this, you’ll need a lot of minerals. When the body is stressed, it depletes mineral reserves. You’ll want to get a high-quality mineral supplement, He Shou Wu, eat a mineral-rich diet, and stop the source of stress. If it’s your job, then I’d reevaluate why you choose to be so stressed?
  • Split ends- Dry, frizzled hair is a sign weak kidneys as well. Most hair conditions are in direct reflection of the state of kidneys and liver. These people are likely over doing sugars, sweets, drugs and rancid oils (processed foods). Sexual organs are not in good shape.
  • Brittle hair- Weak kidneys/adrenals from emotional stress. Lack of minerals (especialy Iodine), likely on medications/drugs, too much sugar. Get seaweed into your diet ASAP!
  • Dandruff- Poor digestion. You’re not digesting fat or protein well. This could be due to a weak digestive system, bacterial imbalance or just really bad food. Raw, organic, whole food fats and proteins are easily digested. Deep fried chicken is not. The dandruff is literally the body pushing the excess waste out of the body through the skin/scalp. The elimination organs are overburdened, the mind is too active and again, major chill time needed.

Nettle for gorgeous hair

If there is one food that is truly medicinal when it comes to protecting and nourishing the hair, it is nettle. This wild food is holistic in which it treats the hair. It seems to tackle just about every component of hair related issues:

  • Lowers SHBG
  • Aids in treatment of DHT (hormonal hair loss)
  • Kidney tonic
  • Increases free testosterone
  • Relieves benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-allergy
  • Immune-supporting
  • Anti-aromatase activity
  • Anabolic
  • Sexual tonic

To get the full effect of a food or herb, it must be taken consistently. In other words, it must be part of your lifestyle. Now most of you might not be ready for the power of wild-food foraging. I get it. That’s why I made this recipe.

At your connivence, you can still get the health benefits of nettle into your daily diet by consuming a powerful extracted powder (3x daily). My favorite way to take it is into my green smoothie, which I happen to load other foods that are great for nourishing the scalp and hair.

Here is the exactly nettle root I use. It’s a unique form as it is a prepared extract. Meaning it is in it’s most bio-available state. It is also a special form of nettle that is superior to other low-quality forms you may find in common supplement brands.

I like adding it to a smoothie to get the full effect. Personally, I find supplements to be even more powerful when they are enjoyed, rather than swallowing with water.

Healthy Hair Smoothie

Like I said, one of the most effective ways to adapt this information is to learn some simple, practical actions — such as cooking! One small habit at a time can create profound shifts.

Start with this one smoothie daily, then slowly, another, some nature, sunshine, more water, more love, less stress, less crap and slowly but surely, you’ll be living the dream.

Let’s get blending…

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 small head of green leaf lettuce (rich in minerals and silica, which is a main nutrient for hair)
  • 1 small cucumber (also rich in silica & great food for kidneys)
  • 1 small zuchinni (great frozen for creamy consistency)
  • 1 avocado (healthy fats that nourish the scalp and balance the hormones)
  • 1 lemon (a powerful liver cleanser and adrenal support)
  • 1 tbsp hemp seeds (omega 3s for scalp and hair shaft health)
  • 1 scoop Spirulina Plus (a fermented spirulina, VERY bio-available protein source, which is the main ingredient in gorgeous hair! Highly recommend)
  • 1 tsp nettle root extract
  • 3 caps ancient earth minerals
  • 3 caps of seaweed extract (or use raw kelp powder)
  • 1/4 tsp REAL salt
  • Stevia to taste

Here’s how you make it:

Like most smoothie recipes, this is pretty simple. The key is to always do liquids first then powders last.

  1. Put in your water, lemon juice and stevia then blend with all your veggies.
  2. Lastly, add your powders and give one more quick blend to mix.

This will make a full 64 ounces of green, hair growth goodness. Drink one for breakfast then save the other for lunch in a sealed mason jar. IT will maintain freshness for a few hours!

Here’s to your health! and beauty 😉