Drink Coffee For Better Poops

If you’re a regular coffee drinker than you likely already know that coffee and poop are good friends. I don’t know about you but after my morning ZootCup I am almost immediately ready to primal squat.

Is this getting too weird? I hope so because I love getting weird.

As if there wasn’t enough reasons to drink a medicinal cup of coffee on the regular, who would have thought that it also keeps you regular! The intake of coffee stimulates peristalsis in the colon. This makes you have to poop!

If peristalsis is weak, your colon muscles are too weak to even eliminate — leading to toxicity and all sorts of problems such as bacterial imbalances. We want strong colons. However, most people do not have strong colons. They are overly stressed, do not rest enough, move enough (or naturally enough), and in general their modern lives lead to a stressed body that’s too worn out to produce the energy to have healthy bowl movements.

Healthy bowl movement is dependent on a whole number of things, all rooted in the balance of the adrenal axis. If the adrenals are fatigued, they cannot trigger the body to produce Gastrin, a hormone that stimulates the colon.

Consumption of quality coffee; however, can stimulate the adrenals and the release of Gastrin, helping you poop better! Now obviously the consumption of coffee is not recommend for anyone. Individuals with hyper adrenal activity or fatigue it’s best you avoid consuming much coffee.

However, I have found the use of Bulletproof Coffee to actually not wear down my HPA axis. This is likely due to the fact it is free of any normal toxins found in most coffee beans, which is usually the case of HPA disfunction. Also, by adding moderate amounts of healthy fats and oils to the coffee and not using any sugar, I find a very stable energy from the coffee. Nothing like you are likely used to if you just consume regular coffee.

Other Ways Coffee Helps You Poop

Researchers suggest that coffee effects the epithelial lining, stomach lining and the small intestine — causing the stimulation of peristalsis.

This study, found that coffee induces a “gastrocolonic response” in some individuals just minutes after they consume the beverage. Though this particular study failed to identify the exact cause, researchers hypothesized that coffee somehow affects the epithelial tissue lining the stomach and the small intestine.

The same study is also what found that coffee promotes the release of gastrin.

Does DeCaf Work Too?

As I mentioned in the first part of the blog, the adrenals have a huge role in proper peristalsis. Therefore, it’s likely that the caffeine is the key player in coffee’s ability to activate the colon.

However, this same study found that in certain individuals even decaffeinated coffee was stimulating the need to eliminate. This suggests that there is likely other substances in coffee responsible for it’s poop powers. After all, coffee has been known to be medicinal on many levels for a long time now.

Overall, in my experience I find this to be just another wonderful reason to consume quality coffee in moderation. Of course, stick to the highest quality coffee you can find. If you haven’t, try Bulletproof coffee. Everyone of my coffee connoisseur friends have claimed it to be unlike any other coffee they’ve tried. So though I am biased, other’s experience prove otherwise.

What are your experiences? Does coffee help you poopie?