Decadent Dark Chocolate ‘Get Some’ Ice Cream

This is an ice cream for all the chocolate lovers out there. I know my subscribers to this blog pretty well by now and I’m pretty certain this one won’t disappoint.

This recipe works for many reasons:

  • It’s simple
  • It’s rich and delicious
  • It’s sugar-free
  • It’s made with wholesome, organic, REAL food
  • It’s made with the most quality raw chocolate
  • It’s quick to make
  • It’s chocolate
  • It contains an abundance of healthy fats for hormone and brain function
  • A little bit goes a long way
  • Did I mention that it’s chocolate flavored?

As you might know, ever since I mastered the Bulletproof Get Some Ice Cream recipe, I’ve been on an ice cream kick. It’s wonderful having this one on your healthy eating tool belt.

Often, I find with clients, friends and myself that it’s only 20% or less of our input that determines our output. This is true for both positive and negative outcomes. For me, chocolate was the only thing that was producing my negative outcomes. I loved a dark chocolate bar, I grew an affinity to it because of the love chemicals, the emotional attachment and shared connection through my closest friends (we all love a good chocolate bar).

The downside, most chocolate contained sugar, which my body doesn’t operate well on at all. Another food that was determining a lot of my negative outcomes in my nutrition habits was quality ice cream. For a while, I had access to raw organic coconut cream ice cream made with coconut sugar. It was some of the cleanest ice cream I’ve ever had.

When they went out of stock in my local area I had to come up with a solution. Keep in mind, this was all before I completely dissolved the desire to eat it with certain mental techniques. Now, I can be with or without ice cream and chocolate without any concern. Years before, I had an emotional attachment I used as to cope with boredom, lack of love and excitement.

However, today, I love the creation aspect of making healthy food and it doesn’t hurt that I can eat it at will without my body going out of balance. The ingredients are pure, the creation process is filled with love and best of all, it tastes better than anything I’ve ever purchased.

Now of course I had to combine two of my favorite pleasure foods; chocolate and ice cream. I keep this recipe Bulletproof and Nick style for optimal nutrition and minimal negative side effects.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s how you make it:

  1. I have a video coming soon where I will be showing you how to make a variety of this ice cream. Until then, you have two options; ice cream maker or freezer. Personally, I just freeze it. It takes much longer but the consistency is still amazing.
  2. The first thing you’re going to want to do is melt down all of your oils/fats in a double boiler. Try to do this slowly and not heat up the butter/oil too much, we want it just soft enough to blend consistently.
  3. Once your butter and coconut oil have liquified, add in your xylitol and whisk it until it begins to dissolve a bit. It doesn’t need to be fully dissolved as the Blender will do most of the work.
  4. Pour this mixture into your Blendtec or high-speed blender, crack your eggs into the blender. Remember, you want 8 yolks but only 4 of them containing the white. The protein in the egg white adds to the consistency.
  5. Now add the rest of your ingredients, saving the cacao powder and other powders for last. Then, blend it on the lowest setting, gradually increasing the speed to high.
  6. Once it’s blended together, let it sit for a second for it to settle out any air bubbles. Then pour into your ice cream maker or into a glass container (or you can pour into paper containers, I honestly will take a soup carry out from Whole Foods sometimes, it’s what they store their in-house gelato in.)
  7. If using an ice cream maker, just follow the directions that came with it. If you’re freezing it, I find that it takes about 8 hours to freeze perfectly. I like making this at night so it’s reading in the am the next day.
  8. That’s all! For this recipe, I topped with some homemade raw Upgraded Chocolates and Bee Pollen.