Cultured Mango & Apricot Summer Salsa

This summer is a brand new experience for me. Having since started blogging almost 2 years ago now I have watched my passion grow in so many ways.

Originally, my intentions were to create a leading edge blog that delivered inspiration for deep healing. Over experimenting with hundreds of articles and post I’ve started to see a trend in what people like to see. I didn’t expect that my recipes would be some of the most popular however.

It makes sense though, cooking and food is so much more appealing than spiritual healing, which involves confronting many uncomfortable subjects at times.

Cooking heals still just in much more subtle ways. It’s a chance to get incredibly creative, learn to love yourself, consider how you nourish yourself, others and even your environmental impact.

Not to mention, I’ve grown my community of friends and other like-minded individuals to a place I didn’t know possible. Each day I am able to co-create, inspire and be inspired by amazing cooks, talented writers and overall beautiful souls.

In spirit of unearthly friendships and the Summer Solstice I’ve had the good fortune to divinely connect with the marvelous, enigmatic and enticing miss Alison Marras ( Celestial Food Alchemist Beauty) of Food By Mars — perhaps my personal all time favorite food blog to date.

She’s created a Digital Summer Solstice Party where her, myself and many other angelic souls are co-creating and inspiring each other to concoct mouth-watering, innovative recipes. Of course, they’re summer themed and so far, oh so good.

I’ve never been more inspired to make food. These are some of my best recipes to date. By best, I mean not just most tasty but creative and fun. I’m having so much fun getting these ideas rolling and sharing them with you. I’m exceptionally thrilled to bring you today’s recipe.

Cultured Mango & Apricot Summer Salsa

This recipe actually came secondary to the main dish I will be sharing with you tomorrow. I wanted to share this first that way when you go to make your main dish, you have this summery side-dish ready to go!

If you’re a consistent reader then you know I am all about that sugar-free, probiotic life. This not only fits the bill for those standards, it’s totally #FBMSummerSolstice approved. Ready to have your taste buds dancing?

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s how you make it:

  1. Clean and chop all your veggies and fruit. The only challenge here might be getting your mango squared away, sometimes they can be messy. If you don’t know how to properly chop a mango, watch this video!
  2. In a glass bowl, add starter cultured, EcoBloom and a small amount of water to wake up culture.
  3. When everything is chopped up to your desired size, add it to the bowl with the starter and mix together.
  4. Using a wooden spoon, add your salsa to the mason jar. Try to pack it down as best as possible. You want the natural brine or juice to be covering the salsa as best as you can. I actually just inverted the mango skin and used it to cover the top. This keeps air from spoiling the top layer of the salsa if exposed.
  5. Seal with a lid and place on counter for 1-2 days. Depending on how warm it is and how active your starter is it may fermented quicker. Mine was done in actually about 10 hours because in addition to the EcoBloom (which really wakes things up) I added a small amount of probiotic liquid.

You’ll know it’s done when the jar starts talking to you, meaning it’ll likely start to sizzle around. This is just the pressure building up. Give it a “burp” by releasing the lid slowly.

If it smells slightly soured but still good, then it’s done. You can always test taste it. It won’t be too noticeably different in taste, it should just have a bit of a tanginess to it.

Enjoy with sprouted or blue corn chips, homemade crackers, or on top of the Wild-Caught shrimp tacos I’ll be sharing tomorrow! 😉