Cookie Crunch ‘Get Some’ Ice Cream


I wish I could take full credit for this recipe idea, it’s so simple and ridiculously delicious. However, this was passed along via some fellow Bulletproof buddies. I haven’t seen it created yet so I figured I would post it here for people to make!

For this recipe I am using Bulletproof’s Collagen Bars. If you haven’t tried these yet then I highly recommend them. I consider myself pretty skilled in the kitchen but I’ll be honest when I say I have no idea how the people at Bulletproof got these bars to be so great tasting.

Best of all, the ingredients are out of this world. Of course, they contain zero sugar (stevia and xylitol sweetened), BrainOctane and some healing grass-fed Collagen.

Benefits of Collagen

Collagen is used in TCM and throughout history for achieving healthy tissue repair, muscle growth, bone renewal and recovery after exercise. Though traditionally it was consumed in more primal ways such as in bone broths. The good news is that you can now not only get it in a taste-less powdered form, it’s now in cookie-like tasting bars!

Collagen can boost mental clarity, reduce inflammation, upgrade your skin, and improve gut health.

It does this by providing essential proteins that our bodies use to build and repair our bones, joint surfaces, skin, teeth, eyes, arteries, intervertebral disks, and much more.

Collagen is one of the most important nutrients needed to maintain a strong body, keep you in healing mode, and counter-act the degenerative effects of aging.

Pretty wild to think when eating this ice cream you’re getting all of these benefits. The future is here, desserts have become anti-aging health foods.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s how you make it:

  1. To make the Ice Cream base, the first thing you’re going to want to do is melt down all of your oils/fats in a double boiler. Try to do this slowly and not heat up the butter/oil too much, we want it just soft enough to blend consistently.
  2. Next, powder your xylitol in a coffee grinder for better mixing. Pulse it so you don’t melt it with friction.
  3. Once your butter and coconut oil have liquified, add in your xylitol and whisk it until it begins to dissolve.
  4. Pour this mixture into your Blendtec or high-speed blender, crack your eggs into the blender. Remember, you want 8 yolks but only 4 of them containing the white. The protein in the egg white adds to the consistency.
  5. Now add the rest of your ingredients, saving the collagen bars for last. Then, blend it on the lowest setting, gradually increasing the speed to high.
  6. Once it’s blended together, let it sit for a second for it to settle out any air bubbles. Then pour into your ice cream maker or into a glass container (or you can pour into paper containers.)
  7. Once the base is in your container, simply break apart your collagen bars and gently fold into the mixture.
  8. If using an ice cream maker, just follow the directions that came with it. If you’re freezing it, I find that it takes about 8 hours to freeze perfectly. I like making this at night so it’s reading in the am the next day.