Chocolate Dreams: Tonic Herb Latté

Strength, beauty, energy and longevity all in one cup. Oh, and a heavy dosage of deliciousness. Those were my intentions in creating this creamy chocolate herbal tonic early this afternoon. 

In order to do so, I started off of course with the best quality ingredients I can get my hands on (big thanks to Bulletproof and VitaJing Herbs!) This recipe contains a blend of some of the most powerful herbal remedies on the planet, each with a long history of success. But don’t take just my word for it, let’s take a look at exactly how each of these foods influences the body.

Each of the herbs I chose to use here are designed by nature to lift our mood, give us strength and vigor, build immunity and  us better navigate the stress-laden challenges and quirks of day-to-day life!

HO SHOU WU: He shou wu or Fo-Ti translates to “Mr. Ho’s black hair”. It is a known kidney and liver tonifying herb, which nourishes the blood. It is an adaptogen and therefore both energizing and calming, it invigorates without stimulating. It balances the mind and body through its ability to support the two governing organs in the body, the liver and kidneys. The liver and kidneys are everything when it comes to our healthy and beauty. If you’re aging quickly, your liver and kidneys need help. All anti-aging attempts and reversal of dis-ease will boil down to supporting these two organs. Because of this, it is renowned as a beauty tonic that supports the the hair, skin and nails – all which are reflections of kidney and liver health. They do more than just keep us beautiful though, they produce our energy on a daily basis!

NETTLE ROOT: Nettle root is a fantastic herb that can actually be found in the wild. All parts of the nettle plant can be eaten; however, the root has specific capabilities in lowering SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin), treating hormonal hair loss, increasing free testosterone, and is overall a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, immune-supporting, and anabolic sexual tonic. In general, it’s wonderful for the kidneys, which are directly related to all of these issues. Strong kidneys means sexual vigor – sex energy is our life force energy! If we are depleted of sex energy, it’s not only going to effect our sex lives, but our overall drive in life.

PINE POLLEN:  Pollen has over 200 bioacitve natural nutrients, minerals and vitamins source in one single serving, that is completely absorbed by the human body. No other nutritional supplement can do this. It will restore healthy levels of testosterone and as a complete superfood, it is effects the entire in the body – everything from hormonal balance, collagen production, liver cell activity, detoxification, to modulating the immune system.

REHMANNA: Rehmannia is another herb that positively impacts the kidneys, specifically the adrenal glands. Therefore, it is a great herb to take for chronic fatigue, adrenal imbalances or autoimmune issues. It supports adrenal function and steroid hormones. If you’re busy in the modern world, rehmannia is a must!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s how you make it:

  1. Bring water to heat, just under a boil
  2. Add your fats and oil
  3. Add your powders
  4. Add stevia to sweeten (1-2 dropper fulls)
  5. Blend
  6. Enjoy