Chocolate Bulletproof Marshmallows

A few months back, compliments of Three Lily Farm, I was inspired to create a recipe for a delicious homemade marshmallow — Bulletproof style. They turned out so good I was making them once a week for myself and friends.

I can’t take full credit for this recipe actually as one of my lovely female friends asked for a chocolate version. How could I resist the request of a cute girl to make something chocolatey?

So, I put in an order for some Upgraded Raw Cacao to make a premium Bulletproof Chocolate Marshmallow.

Now if you don’t already know let’s breakdown some of the miraculous benefits of raw cacao.

Health Benefits of Upgraded Cacao

  • It’s Divine. The main active ingredient in cacao responsible for it’s heart opening, mood enhancing abilities is called theobromine. This word is actually derived from the greek word “theos” meaning God. The full word translates to “food of the Gods”. As if that weren’t a divine enough reason to get your chocolate on…let’s look at a few other specifics
  • It’s heart healthy. Consuming raw chocolate can help boost the body’s ability to maintain cardiovascular health. Studies show that eating dark chocolate can directly improve heart and vascular function.
  • It makes you feel amazing. Additionally, raw cacao contains oxytocin, otherwise known as the love chemical. This raw chemical gives us the sensation of being in love. Cacao is a heart opener and much needed in todays world! Don’t believe that there is no love in this universe just because it doesn’t show up in this society. I believe in a world made of chocolate.
  • It’s good for smokers. Dark chocolate can even help protect against some of the negative effects of smoking.
  • It keeps your blood flowing. Bulletproof cacao is specifically manufactured to be free of any toxins that are often found in commercial chocolates from poor manufacturing.  Upgraded Cacao is a food with a high antioxidant content and low mycotoxin, which content can help boost the body’s ability to keep blood flowing healthfully. You need healthy flowing blood for everything from muscle development, hair growth, detoxification to thinking power, and beautiful skin!
  • It’s anti-inflammatory- Inflammation is known to negatively affect our health in many aspects. Upgraded Chocolate Powder is packed with antioxidants and compounds that help reduce inflammation.

This could go on for a good amount of time so to save time here, just hop over to the Bulletproof Blog to learn more about Upgraded Cacao and it’s benefits!

Health Benefits of Marshmallows

Yes, marshmallows have health benefits, at least the ones I make. I’m not sure if they are good for me because they are health food or if they are health food because they are made with so much love?

My personal affinity aside, here at the top ingredients in homemade marshmallows and some of the miraculous benefits of them:

  • Licorice Root- I use this instead of marshmallow root now because I find it to be a better mucilage (an herb that makes a gooey substance) and also, it tastes better! You can use both in the recipe actually but the addition of some licorice root is highly recommended. For all the health benefits check out this article I wrote up for LifeHack.
  • Gelatin/Collagen- According to TCM, gelatin is a wonderfully medicinal food. From a Chinese Medicine perspective, gelatin deeply nourishes the kidney energy – yin, yang and essence. It is also used in combination with other herbs to nourish the blood. Kidney energy is responsible for our fertility and much of our hormone health. So if you are struggling with getting pregnant, put on muscle, having a difficult pregnancy, suffering from post-partum depression, or have another hormonal imbalance such as menopause – you may benefit from incorporating gelatin regularly into your diet. It also, heals leaky gut, improves sleep, nourished the adrenals, improves digestion, increases stomach acid, and rejuvenates the skin.
  • Love- These, like all my recipes, are made with copious amounts of love. Love dissolves fear, and live beings when fear ends. Love is alchemical, when you love, even darkness dissipates by it’s light. Love takes you out of your head, into your heart. In your heart, all things are possible. LIke a young boy’s burning passion for his first love, there is nothing he couldn’t do for his beloved. Love is nourishment. It will fulfill you. Best of all, the more you love, the more you will discover love all around you, in the hidden spaces between you and everything. You believe in nothing because everything becomes sacred. You become a poet and life becomes your inspiring lover.

Bulletproof Chocolate Marshmallows

Are you ready to let your heart soar? These make a few servings, so you will want to find someone to share with.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 cup spring water
  • 6 tbsp collagelatin
  • 2 tbsp upgraded cacao
  • 2 tbsp licorice root
  • 1 tsp vanillamax
  • 1/4 maple syrup (or 1/4 cup of birch xylitol for a sugar-free option)
  • Stevia to sweeten

Here’s how you make it:

  1. First, follow this recipe to make your marshmallows. Only complete the first few steps, skip the pouring into a pan and refrigerating, we want to add the cacao before then.
  2. Just soon as your mallows begin to turn to a fluffy consistency, you will want add in your cacao powder. If you add it too soon, it will keep the mallows from getting extra fluffy. For best results just make sure you whip the mallows as best as you can in the first step before adding your cacao. However, do not wait to long until adding the cacao because it might be difficult to mix together.
  3. Just as you would in the original recipe, once the cacao is mixed in, using a rubber spatula, spread your marshmallow fluff into a greased glass baking dish (best if you use wax paper).
  4. Let cool for 15-30 minutes then remove and cut into desired shapes!