Cellulite IS Curable: Here’s 3 Ways To Do So

You are not a victim to your genetics. The study of Epigenetics has proven that it is possible to turn on and off genetic predispositions via envrionment control. The word Epigenetic literally means “behind genetics”. The root word epi is derived of the Greek word opi, meaning behind. In other words, epigeneitcs is the study of the causative factors that are behind the manifestation of genetic expression. This includes things like our thoughts, emotions, environment and actions – all which have an effect on the way our genes express themselves, which can be either in the direction of disease or health. 1 2

So, as with any other “disease” or “disorder”, cellulite too is the result of chronic various  stressors that accelerate the aging process. This means that it can be managed, and usually handled with simple means such as leading a more natural lifestyle, eliminating toxins from your mind, social life, diet and environment.

As you will learn in a moment, cellulite is in the most basic sense, a symptom of poor health. When unhealthy, the body doesn’t digestion well and therefore poorly metabolizes (weak Qi),  which results in poor detoxification and the accumulation of toxins, metabolic wastes and fluids. When these toxins have no where to go because the detoxification systems are impaired, they begin to store in fat cells in various places, including the connective tissue of your skin.

So, you can eliminate cellulite just like you can eliminate any other imbalance of the body – improving overall digestive and metabolic function. There is no question of that. This isn’t 1907, we can test and measure performance with science and the results are in — poor lifestyle choices, succumbing the environment and weakness of the spirit will is the true cause of dis-ease.

The question then is, what are you willing to do about it?

If you don’t want cellulite; or any other genetic predisposition to manifest, then you’re going to have to live a bit more naturally. There are endless things one can do to weaken their immune system and they are just not an option for someone who wants to truly be healthy. Are you willing to give up the habits and crap that are diminishing your health, beauty and quality of life?

If you’re up to it, then here’s how you do it…

What Is Cellulite?

First of all, it’d probably be a good idea to know what cellulite is. When handling something it’s always wise to get was well informed as possible on the particular topic.

Essentially, all cellulite is, is the accumulation of toxins — that have been stored in fat cells making them enlarged — being pushed through the surface of your skin. Because the connective tissue of skin isn’t flexible enough, the enlarged fat cells push out the skin and create the dimple effect.

When the body accumulates toxic wastes from poor quality food, water, air, weak digestion and so on, the body gets backed up. The more fluid and toxins you retain the worse the cellulite looks.

So in a few words, if you have cellulite then your body is toxic. Plain and simple Jane.

How You Get Cellulite

Like I just mentioned, cellulite is the effect of toxicity overload in the body. It is not caused by genetics. It is caused by:

  • Eating dead foods: processed foods, sugar, fast-food and so on.
  • Drinking, smoking and other drugs.
  • A weak digestive system (poor digestive creates toxic, metabolic residues.)
  • Not detoxifying properly (need healthy lungs & digestive system.)
  • Not exercising enough or exercising too much.
  • Poor quality sleep.
  • Too much stress of any kind. Living an overall stressful, unfulfilling life.

See, not so bad…it’s only caused by what most modern American’s do on a regular basis! Ironic? I think not.


If you’re no longer interested in being like the rest of the modern world, then here’s what you’ll need to do to reclaim your physical healthy and beauty:

  1. Vibration Training– This type of training is actually used by NASA to strengthen the bones and muscle in astronauts. When we resist gravity; let’s say by jumping, it has a stronger pull on our bodies and in that way can strengthen the tissue. The same way muscle is grown by resisting it with weights. Jumping on a rebounder or the use of vibration mats are excellent forms of vibe training. Both create a frequency, which encourages the release of lymph fluid, causing toxins to flush out. In result, is the reduction of cellulite. Clean lymph, clean body, no cellulite. Botta boom botta bing.
  2. Fasting-  One of the most ancient forms of healing is fasting. It’s been around since before we’ve been around. The reason it works to reduce and cure cellulite is that fasting dramatically detoxifies the body. Since cellulite is nothing but enlarged toxic fat cells, you want to shrink the size of the fat cells that are pulling on your skin. One of the most effect ways of doing this is to turn your body into a fat-burning machine. This is also known as a state of ketosis. It’s incredibly anti-aging. In ketosis the body eat’s away at fat stores, where majority of toxins are stored. Fasting isn’t for everyone, it actually takes a good deal of health and energy to do. Therefore, while you’re building your health up, you can start by experimenting with intermittent fasting. To do this, simply drink only Bulletproof coffee for breakfast and do not eat solid food (especially carbs) until 2 pm. Intermittent fasting allows you all the benefits of fasting plus you avoid the feeling of intense hunger often associated with low-blood sugar. Not to mention, you get tons of brain-boosting benefits. To avoid any muscle wasting from not eating, I add grass-fed collagen to my Bulletproof coffee. It also makes your skin pretty. 😉 Which is smart for curing cellulite as collagen makes your skin more elastic, reducing the appearance of fat cells pushing against the skin.
  3. HIIT Training- This stands for High Intesnsity Interval Training and is one of the healthiest forms of exercise I know of. More than an actually series of workouts, it is the principles of this type of exercise that make it so fantastic.HIIT is another way (and free way) to improve your lymphatic system and strengthen muscles. It’s wonderful for melting away cellulite as it increases HGH (the youth hormone) and helps turn you into a metabolic fat-burning machine! Additionally, HIIT requires a very short period of exercise time — it can be done for 15-20 minutes. Best of all, you can do it with almost any type of movement you enjoy. You can use weights, body weight, stationary machines, on a bike, or simple sprints.Here’s what a simple HIIT workout looks like:
    • Sprint all-out for 30 seconds like a you’re a 16 year old girl who just spotted Justin Bieber at Lulu Lemon.
    • Rest for 1 minute
    • Repeat for 8 springs total
  4. Optimize Digestive Function – As we learned, cellulite is a sign that your detoxification system is not working efficiently. This means your digestive system isn’t working well. Your body works in 4 Phases in order: Digestion, Metabolism, Assimilation, Detoxification. So, if you wish to “detox” then you want to focus on improving your digestive function and metabolism first. You can learn more on how to do that HERE.

There’s no short-cut to health and beauty my friends – but as the saying goes, “good things take time.” So, you’ll have to let go of this “quick fix” mentality and take the long-road, which is the most fulfilling. If you are interested in improving your overall health, digestive function, metabolism, energy, hormonal balance and ability to detoxify (which will eliminate cellulite at the roots), then definitely enroll in my online course Perfect Digestion.