Bulletproof Steak Burritos

As a lover of whole foods, it’s not often you’ll find me eating very complex dishes. In fact, the most complex of any of my meals are the fun and creative desserts I co-create with my beloved partner. Aside from those nutritious and delicious delights, we keep things fairly simple and unprocessed. So the thought of a burrito as a meal never really crossed our mind.

Some sort of tortilla wrap that would need to be created with proper ingredients and minimal processing; in our minds, would actually require a great deal of work; you know, dehydrating and such.

Thankfully, a wonderful company has put together a rep-made Paleo Wrap, made from only three ingredients – all which are quality whole food ingredients. Actually, every ingredient is derived from one superfood, the coconut. That’s right, just raw coconut meat, water and oil is all you’ll find in these wraps. Not only are the ingredients pure, coconut so happens to be an amazingly medicinal food with anti-fungal properties, nourishing healthy fats that support thyroid function and much more.

So for someone who typically keeps their meals simple yet creative, it was fun to get a little recipe inspiration the other day when we came across these Paleo Wraps and decided to finally giving them a go after a few years of their known existence.

Today I put together a Bulletproof Style burrito using organic grass-fed new york strip steak, some raw herb tahini dressing, probiotic kraut and some fresh greens.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s how you make it:

  1. Heat a cast-iron skillet on medium heat and melt down a healthy fat for cooking – I used goat butter, you can use grass-fed ghee or raw butter.
  2. Season your steak with lemon pepper
  3. While everyone has a preference, it’s important to note that how you cook your food determines its health. Overly cooked meat oxidizes the fats and denatures the proteins leading to a toxic, carcinogenic food (learn more about cooking techniques in my book). This is the type of meat that you hear all the bad things about. Organic, grass-fed meat minimally cooked (rare) is a true immune building superfood. That being said, I suggest to cook your steak rare – that means only 2.5 minutes on each side on a medium heated cast iron.
  4. Once your meat is cooked, slice it longways into strips and salt to taste
  5. In your Paleo Wrap, add your greens, kraut then sauce and your meat last.
  6. Roll into a burrito and serve!