Bulletproof S’mores Bites

When I put together the recipes for my Bulletproof Marshmallows and the most Bulletproof graham crackers I could, I of course had to eventually make s’mores.

Though simple enough, all I had to do was reach into the archives and pull up my Bulletproof Chocolate recipes and boom, I have the three healthiest ingredients to make some truly out of this world s’mores.

So, I did. I made my chocolate and paired it with these two totally creative recipes. They were great. However, I had this feeling they could have been better some how. By better, I mean, just a bit more creative. A little more wow-factor could have done them good in my eyes.

I know, I sound ridiculous to you, I just accomplished the feat of making the world’s first sugar-free, beauty promoting, Bulletproof S’mores. How could it get any better?

Well, in a single word, bites.

Travel-sized S’mores

I am very excited about the concept of healthy s’mores. Personally, I feel we could all benefit by taking some time to get back to a more chilled life. I mean really, when is the last time you just shut off the phone for a few days and created some memories just for you and your loved ones?

Does everything have to be shared on social media?

Apparently so and I’m one to talk…

So for my fellow hobby enthusiast, please, I invite you to kick it old school. Grab each of these recipes on their own and have an extended home/family celebration around an old fashioned bon-fire!

For my busy, on the go friends though — I didn’t want to leave you out. I get it, I won’t force you to relax and enjoy the simple life. If your busy, I get it. That doesn’t mean you should miss out on the s’mores experience all together. That’s why I created these Bulletproof S’mores Bites.

You’re still going to need a good hour devoted to the kitchen though. Hopefully you have at least one hour to get a little cook-prep in. Plus, it’s fun! Making these recipes is such a creative thing to do. Best of all, for my busy peeps, you’ll make these once and have them all week long.

Bulletproof S’mores Bites

Here’s what you’ll need:

For the chocolate sauce:

Here’s how you make them:

  1. First, make your marshmallows in the recipe I linked here.
  2. Secondly, while your marshmallows are gelling up, make your graham crackers. These are easier to make than excepted, you’ll just need a rolling pin. The only thing you’re doing differently here is you are cutting them up into much smaller pieces. Roughly 1×1 inch.
  3. When your marshmallows and grahams are done then you will proceed to cut up your marshmallows. To do this, simply take your baked and cooled crackers and line them up on top of the uncut marshmallows. Using them as a stencil, proceed to slice the mallows to fit each cracker. To save time, use a cookie cutter to cut both the crackers and marshmallows. You’ll have a little “waste” from cutting regardless. No biggie, just eat the left over marshmallows 😀 You can even save them to add to Bulletproof Coffee and a hot cup of Bulletproof Hot Chocolate.
  4. Lastly, make your chocolate sauce. To do this you can follow the recipe in my Bulletproof Raw Chocolates and just skip adding them to molds and freezing. Essentially, you are melting the cacao butter, adding the BrainOctane oil and then whisking in the chocolate powder, xylitol, and vanilla.
  5. When you have your s’more bites are assembled — marshmallow cut to match cracker and stacked accordingly (mallow on top) — then place into a glass baking dish lined with greased parchment paper (I use coconut oil to grease it). Then proceed to lay the sauce 😉 Cover them as much as you’d like then stick them in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes.

Eat them with friends and family or use them to easily win over the heart of your secret crush. If she’s a Bulletproof Babe, then you’re chances of success will be even higher.