Adding Salt & Herbs To Your Coffee

While a nice salty cup of coffee doesn’t sound the most appetizing, there are plenty of good reasons you might want to begin adding salt to your daily brew.


Despite conflicting opinions, salt is very healthy for you. However, I’m talking about REAL salt – 100 percent natural salt that is extracted from a legitimate natural source and is not refined, bleached or processed.

Examples would be Celtic sea salt, black lava salt or the mother of all salts, Himalayan salt. These salts consist of sodium chloride plus 82 further minerals in its natural crystalline form).

The truth is, next to water, salt is the most abundant substance in our bodies! Without it, we wouldn’t be able to live. The consumption of healthy salts can:

    • Reduce sinus congestion
    • Treat asthma and cystic fibrosis
    • Prevent muscle cramps
    • Assist and maintain libido and sexual energy
    • Cure dry cough
    • Prevent varicose viens
    • Regulate sleep
    • Reduce a double chin and tighten facial structure
    • Act as a natural antihistamine
    • And more!

So why all the bad rap about salt?

Because, as usual, the “scientific evidence” is very fragmented. When experts give claims about salt being unhealthy, they are also including industrial refined, processed salts in their studies. There is a major difference between natural, sea salts that are untouched from heavy processing and a manufactured food look-a-like. Over all, it is when mankind got in the way of nature, that people started to reason with false data, and now people can’t tell their good salt from their bad. Let’s clear that up…


“If it’s made in the lab, then it takes a lab to digest,” – Kris Carr

It’s truly that simple…

On one hand we have common table salt, which is junk, poison. It is refined salt that has removed all elements but sodium chloride. It is chemically produced, bleached and devoid of other trace nutrients the body needs. It is not naturally occurring — its junk.

“Dried at over 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, the excessive heat alters the natural chemical structure of the salt, causing the potential for a myriad of health problems in your body,” confirms Dr Joseph Mercola.

One experiment showed that when saltwater fish are placed in salt water made with table salt, they die.

The bottom line, table salt is not real salt. But real salt is vital for the body to function properly.

Why Add Salt To Coffee?

Aside from salt being vital to our health, there are a few reasons we want to add some to our coffee (if you’re a coffee drinker).

The number one reason is that most people are highly mineral deficient. Real salt is loaded with trace minerals that many people do not get because

  1. They fear salt so they avoid even the good stuff.
  2. They don’t get enough minerals in their food due to agriculture. (this could be worked out by buying local produce, wild food foraging and growing your own produce as well.)

Because growing all of your own food isn’t an option for everyone, it’s even more important that they consume high-mineral sea salts daily to keep their mineral levels up. If you aren’t taking a quality mineral supplement or consuming good sea salt, then this is probably the most important reason to add sea salt to your coffee, or beverages in general.

The second reason is that coffee is a stimulant, which depletes the kidney’s and adrenals — which happen to store minerals. When they are stimulated, they use minerals to produce hormones. Salt on the other hand is an anti-stimulant, it is grounding and contracting. Adding some sea salt to your coffee balances it out. This way you can have your coffee and drink it too, without running into kidney depletion and mineral loss.

Studies also suggest (and my own experimentation) that salt in coffee helps curb bitterness. This may be a good thing for those who find coffee too bitter. However, I find the bitterness to be quite nice. In fact, bitter is a taste that is highly absent from the modern diet. And it is very important, because bitterness stimulates the vagus nerve to detox the liver. However, you can still supplement with bitter herbs and foods.

Over all, adding sea salt to your coffee will improve it’s healing power and taste!

Tonic Herbs and Coffee

Because this article is already reaching some length, I’ll keep this short and continue the topic of tonic herbs later.

Tonic herbs are solutions or other preparations made from a specially selected assortment of the kinds of plants known as herbs. They help restore, tone and invigorate systems in the body or to promote general health and well-being.

The short end of the story is this – add these powerhouses to cacao or coffee and they serve as a delivery mechanism. The coffee will help deliver the medicinal properties of these magical herbs directly to the blood and to where they need to get to work. They’re also pretty tasty and make the whole process of coffee making that much more fun — you’ll feel like an alchemist!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s how you make it:

  1. Brew your bulletproof coffee using fresh ground beans. I prefer a chemex pour over or french press.
  2. Take your brewed coffee, add it to a Blendtec or high-speed blender.
  3. Add your fats, herbs and the rest of the ingredients.
  4. Blend for 15 seconds on medium-high.
  5. Enjoy!