8 Beauty Foods Every Woman Needs (Guest Post)

Today I am excited to bring on my first guest post on my new blog. Not too long ago I was fortunate enough to connect with a delightful, aspiring health coach via Instagram.  Her name is Britt Martin and she’s quite the inspiration to many women on the road to optimal wellness.

While I do not specialize in woman’s health, because I don’t specialize at all and feel that health is wholeness. And because in general I don’t believe in limits, I thought it would render fruitful to collaborate with this beauty. Sure enough, when we got chatting about what we wanted to share together, I knew the outcome would go beyond expectation.

You see, the thing about miss FitBritt is she has good taste in Instagram handles. NicksFit likeded dat. Me likey.

Additionally, if you happen to follow her on Instagram where she puts out regular content you will notice a few things. First, she’s beautiful and as the name suggests, fit. Secondly, she’s informative. She isn’t shy to share her nutrition secrets and tips to achieve your own fit.

Given these facts, it made a lot of sense we kept the trend of healthy, beauty and fitness going here. I can’t complain, I am a fan of all. And with the release of my holistic skin course, I was happy to see Britt decided to share with us what a female foodie and fitness lover eats to achieve her goals.

Without further ado, let’s hear what Britt has to say about beauty food:

8 Beauty Foods For Every Woman

There’s nothing like being able to EAT your beauty foods! I try having at least a few daily. My personal favorite beauty foods are:

  1. Flaxseeds- These offer the highest plant-based source of omega-3’s which help to renew your skin cells and produce glowing skin. I add these to my overnight oats and smoothies.
  2. Avocados- These come with the good monounsaturated fats you want to be eating. Avos are great for your skin, hair and nails. They go with practically any and every meal.
  3. Carrots & Sweet potatoes- Comes with tons of beta-carotene which helps fight aging. Eat raw carrots with hummus or bake a sweet potato in the oven and top with black beans, avocado and tahini.
  4. Spinach- Has antioxidants from Vitamins A and C that help to repair and keep skin healthy. I add spinach to my glowing green smoothies and also sauté in coconut oil and have with my eggs in the morning.
  5. Cinnamon- This magical spice stimulates blood vessels and brings blood to the surface of your skin, helping to improve fine lines. I sprinkle loads of this in my teas and on any and every fruit I eat.
  6. Berries- The antioxidants and vitamins in berries protect you from premature aging! Load up on these babies, put them in your oats, smoothies and on your salads.
  7. Walnuts- These nuts are great for your skin, eyes and hair. I love mine in my salads or eating a handful as a snack.
  8. Lemons & Grapefruit- Both are full of Vitamin C which is needed to make collagen, which makes your skin firm and helps to prevent wrinkles. I have warm, lemon water every morning and grapefruit often as a snack with cinnamon sprinkled on top.

Britt Martin of @fitbrittnutrition is a California native who is currently studying to become a certified holistic nutrition consultant. She is deeply passionate about health and fitness and helping people find their FIT. For more visit her blog.